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This Is Thelatest Edition That Takes Into Account The Requirements The East African Examination Council To Reflect This, The Th Edition Of Physics Includes A Substantial Amount Of New Material On Logic Gates And Their Uses

7 thoughts on “Physics

  1. Mark Mark says:

    Excellent source of information and packed full of examples Highly recommended.

  2. chris chris says:

    Best book for revision

  3. okeny modi okeny modi says:

    I read this book for my O level in the late 1980s It was wonderful I wish there was a bigger print version letters available because it is sort of hard to read the tiny prints.

  4. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    The book arrived in excellent condition It was the correct book I recommend

  5. caroline koranteng agyeben caroline koranteng agyeben says:

    there was some slight defect some writing inside otherwise in good condition that is why I am giving it 4 stars.

  6. Nathan C. Heston Nathan C. Heston says:

    I am currently volunteering with the peace corps as an introductory physics teacher in Ghana Many of the introductory physics books that I have seen try to simplify concepts to make them accessible to beginning students, and in doing so they end up making statements that are wrong This book DOES NOT make these mistakes It is WELL WRITTEN, making the concepts clear and accessible, but it does not make incorrect nor misleading statements The mathematics is at the appropriate level Most importantly, it emphasizes understanding the concepts and it does very very well at teaching them My only complaint of the book is that it is slightly outdated However, a thorough understanding of the concepts presented in this book will make students than adequately prepared for university classes I hold a phd in condensed matter physics and have worked as a TA teaching introductory physics at both florida and cornell universities Want to understand the concepts of physics Buy a copy of this book So, Mr Abbott, this is my fifteen minute tribute to you for writing a great H.S Level Book Nice work sir.

  7. Oh My Oh My says:

    Words cannot describe how good this book is It was my primary text book studying for exams and I passed with flying colours because of it I learnt all my definitions from it It may seem difficult to understand to some but a text such as this should be read while the topic is being taught If you attempt the questions in this book for each section you will pass.