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Goooooood Jackson s masterpiece treatment of electrodynamics in an affordable binding As the author says in the preface to the previous edition May the reader benefit and enjoy Some passages are difficult to read and my version arrived covered in red tape, even though I bought it brand new Covers a very large range of subjects however. The perfect book for Electrodynamics quite extensive and with very wide coverage not only of electrodynamics, but also electrostatics and mathematica methods for electromagnetic theory.I still love to read the paragraph on the existence of magnetics monopoles.though it exceeds my comprension Peefect This book is a well know one for any advanced ungraduated student It consists in an advanced course in electromagnetism starting from the Maxwell laws and with a large emphasis in the phenomena of moving charges and currents which consists the subject of electrodynamics. I wanted this book because it uses SI units, in common with about every other branch of physics and all of engineering It would have been better if the WHOLE BOOK used SI, not just the first 10 chapters Author, take note Relativity is better in SI, just as classical mechanics is, rather than using outdated Gaussian I d rather have epsilon and mu constants and understand fundamental quantities such as charge, current, force and energy, the difference being that conversion to and from Gaussian requires dimensional changes, not just a numerical factor It is analogous to old classical mechanics in Imperial where weight at sea level was a fundamental unit.Not having electrodynamics in SI lost this book 1 star.The other star was lost because of the rubbish quality of the paper This is a Wiley edition printed in India, and while I was prepared not to receive glossy thick white pages, what I got was comparable to the kind of toilet paper in use in the 1970s It is so thin it is nearly transparent and print shows through from the other side And pages 399 400 are ripped, twice, as sometime in the printing process, the thin paper folded and wrinkled as the printer heads passed over it I found this out too late to return it to India, which I should have done but it is too much trouble I will certainly never be able to trade the book in, should I ever want too.Conclusion Stick to SI watch Indian editions, the paper can be ropy. A Revision Of The Defining Book Covering The Physics And Classical Mathematics Necessary To Understand Electromagnetic Fields In Materials And At Surfaces And Interfaces The Third Edition Has Been Revised To Address The Changes In Emphasis And Applications That Have Occurred In The Past Twenty Years