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More Than A Chance To Gain New Insights Into Physics, This Book Offers Students The Opportunity To Look At What They Already Know About The Subject In An Improved Way Geared Toward Upper Level Undergraduates And Graduate Students, It Covers Basic Theory And Selected Applications Edition

6 thoughts on “Introduction to the Quantum Theory (Dover Books on Physics)

  1. Edward Parkinson Edward Parkinson says:

    A solid text on an introduction to the quantum theory It doesn t use Dirac notation so the maths can get a bit off putting and I would advise having pen and paper handy while reading the book to fully understand the text Goes into significant depth and I would recommenced it to a physics undergraduate.

  2. J & A J & A says:

    I used this book when I taught upper level undergraduate quantum mechanics My students loved it What makes it unique is that, in addition to the standard sections common to all QM textbooks, Park included at Part II some applications to the theory given in Part I The applications are not just simple computations to illustrate the theory, but real world situations that showed physicists why QM was in the correct direction For instance, after reading Chapter 4 Physics in one dimension , students could use its theory to work the problem of alpha decay the discovery of quantum tunneling by George Gamow shown in Part II I find this book to be a gem It is, of course, not as detailed and mathematically formal as Cohen Tannoudji, but it is a great textbook for upper level undergraduate courses.I included below the table of contents to give an idea about the book and its applications part.Part I Theory1 Beyond Classical Physics2 The Physical Content of the Wave Function3 General Principles4 Physics in One Dimension5 Hermitian Operators, Symmetry, and Angular Momentum6 Systems in Two and Three Dimensions7 Approximate Methods of Calculation8 The Theory of Scattering9 Spin and Isospin10 Questions of Physical Meaning11 Electromagnetic Radiation12 Systems Containing Identical Particles13 Classical Dynamics and Feynman s ConstructionII Applications14 The Theory of Alpha Decay15 Electrons in a Periodic Lattice16 The Hydrogen Spectrum17 The Helium Atom18 Interactive Forces19 The Neutron Proton Interaction20 The Quark Model of Baryons

  3. Paul Bonyak Paul Bonyak says:

    I think this book would be great for a first undergraduate course in quantum mechanics or even an introduction to modern physics if supplemented with an intro to special relativity Really covers all the basics from the Schroedinger viewpoint though the Dirac notation is introduced around p 140 What s unique about this text is the applications which spur interest For example Gamow s theory of alpha decay which gave evidence for the validity of quantum mechanics is presented as an application of the WKB method It also relates half life to quantum mechanical parameters Also a derivation of the Richardson Dushman equation is done as an application of statistical mechanics Lotsa neat stuff

  4. adaptations.seCustomer adaptations.seCustomer says:

    Personally I think that this book is much easier to follow than other texts on the market but it should be noted that no book is ever a substitute for a talented physics instructor.

  5. L. Nelson L. Nelson says:

    Great book on this subject, example problems, too.

  6. warren warren says:

    The text is rich with physical insights and the explanations are clear.