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Inspiring images, page after page of fluids acting in ways you ll rarely see in real life A testament to the power of nature to constantly create hidden beauty and to science s ability to find and capture that beauty, this series of fluid motion interactions from the largest to the smallest scales should not be missed by any serious connoisseur. Quite fascinating to actually see what is happening to the fluids in various situations There are some basic descriptions for the diagrams Not really for entry level learning but it s a nice supplement for a Calculus Diff EQ based fluid dynamics class. Lots of pictures that would look great in color In fact are pretty good in shades of grey Formatting is good with an occasional miss Descriptions are sketchy Some give adequate parameters some not Good source of pretty picts for comparison with other results or models Contents works well.Oh, Nooooo I was hoping that the color images would appear on the PC Kindle App No such luck PC version is also in shades of grey To see color images try the Google books preview. Having another reference for turbulent, etc fluid motion is wonderful The pictures are well done and printed clearly so that you can actually see details. A pretty little book It brings together several papers on fluid mechanics, where each paper is distinguished by one or snapshots of fluid flow Inspiring to the researcher, in much the same way as perhaps hardcopies of VLSI designs are to the chip designer.But the papers and diagrams here also serve a serious purpose In fluid mechanics, a lot of qualitative understanding can arise from studying such diagrams Not the least because sometimes modelling the equations leads to massive sets of numerical results, which might have to be understood visually And in the book, the diagrams are of actual experimental results, not simulations, but the idea is the same You often need some diagrams to understand the underlying phenomena. Images Of Fluids In Motion Have Served Both Scientific And Artistic Purposes At Least Since The Time Of Leonardo De Vinci Over Years Ago The Visualization Of Fluid Flow Has Played A Major Role In The Development Of Fluid Dynamics And Its Technological And Scientific Applications, From The Evolution Of Flight To The Tracking Of Weather To Understanding The Flow Of Blood Today, The Division Of Fluid Dynamics Of The American Physical Society Annually Sponsors A Competition For Outstanding Images Of Fluid Flow, Judged By Their Artistic Beauty And Novelty And Their Contribution To The Better Understanding Of Fluid Dynamics This Gallery Is A Selection Of The Images That Have Won The Competition Over The Last Seventeen Years Each Image Is Accompanied By Some Explanatory Text, Aimed At Making The Collection An Attractive And Essential Work For Everyone Interested In The Art And Science Of Fluid Flow