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Margaret Barker contributes a characteristically Christian voice to contemporary theological debates on the environment Most of the issues we face today were not those that faced the early Christian community and so there are often no directly relevant biblical teachings Barker s starting point is the question of what Jesus himself would have believed about the Creation What could the early Church have believed about the Creation She then shows how much of this belief is embedded, often unrecognised, in the New Testament and early Christian texts It was what people assumed as the norm, the worldview within which they lived and expressed their faith Barker establishes the general principles of a Christian view of Creation Some of what she says will show how current teaching would have been unfamiliar to the first Christians, not just in application but in basic principles

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    The product came on time As any Margaret Barker book, it is excellant and thought provoking I can heartily recommend it and hope buy it.

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    The Bible is a strange and eclectic collation of writings Its status, however, as a Book apart, the inspired work of our maker, leads commentators to bend over backwards in order to see it as a unity The Book of Joshua, for example, depicts a genocidal tribal war God in the Gospels, the same God, incarnate now, preaches universal love and peace.Many benign institutions have been formed, however, as a result of the Bible s teachings Many churches are patrons of education, the arts and charities Christianity has been the motivating ideology for many political reform movements Abolition of slavery and apartheid were achieved, in part, through the efforts of Christian advocates The Bible, however, whatever movement takes it to its heart, has to be read selectively, or the reader will drown in a sea of contradictions.The Bible has been enlisted in support of a whole range of ideologies For centuries, European monarchs saw themselves as the heirs of Solomon, ruling by Divine Right The slaves in the United States, judging by the musical legacy, drew strength from the stories about the Hebrew flight from Egypt and the later release from Babylon The slave owners, however, could enlist the support of St Paul to justify the institution.The 19th century saw a whole range of Christian communists Christian Socialism continues to this day as an organised movement Margaret Barker is, amongst other things, a Methodist lay preacher She is also a renowned Biblical scholar I read also that her preaching work has gone hand in hand with the establishment of a refuge for battered wives Not surprisingly, she is anxious to see the Bible as a book both relevant and of supreme importance.In Creation The Biblical Vision for the Environment , God is no longer a communist, and certainly not the advocate of absolute monarchy He is become a Green To this end, the author is not only extremely selective of supporting texts much has to be retranslated in order to recapture what she claims is the original and true meaning Further, other, extra Biblical writings, from Qumran, Nag Hammadi and other traditions, are woven in with the standard selection of Bible books.The green continuity is provided by God s original covenant with Adam, and reinforced via every man God agreement thereafter Cosmic harmony, reflected in sacred, astrologically based numerology, is the key to man s mission on earth Christianity is the original Gaia hypothesis centuries before James Lovelock The priests of the Old Temple knew this, but with the return from Babylon and a new, Persian sponsored Temple, the old understanding was lost Christ came to bring it back and John the revelator revealed all.This reviewer was raised as a Jehovah s Witness For them God commanded his followers to remain aloof from the Satanic world and await the Kingdom of God Biblical quotes were massed in support of this negative, life denying notion At least Margaret Barker advocates engagement with the world s problems, for all that her snippets of Green propaganda add little to the current issues This book may reassure some Christians that their holy book is highly relevant.It is certainly an illustration of the ingenuity employed down the ages to enlist the Bible in one s own cause.

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    Very interesting look at creation, the reason for the detail of the temple as connected to creation, and the perhaps, for those times, surprising huge respect and love for the natural world found in the Old Testament Not a particularly easy read For those really interested in the subject.