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This is a completely revised and updated edition of one of the leading introductions to Christian theology Assuming no previous knowledge, it introduces readers to the main ideas and key debates, as well as to the leading thinkers who have influenced Christian thinking over the last two thousand years Provides an excellent introduction to the basics of Christian theology, assuming no previous knowledge of the subject Outlines and explains all the main ideas and key debates that have influenced Christian theology, and identifies and explores the work of leading thinkers Introduces basic vocabulary, explains all technical terms, and translates every Latin, Greek and German word or phrase Includes a special section on Theological Resources on the Internet and a dedicated web site linked to this book Written in a clear, straightforward and easily accessible style A comprehensive, one stop, freestanding, and fully cross referenced volume on Christian theology The Christian Theology Reader, also by McGrath, is designed as a helpful accompaniment to this book More details on the third edition of Christian Theology An Introduction can be found on the accompanying website at Good. Great book very easy to understand Very happy with this book, ordered for my ordination training.