{pdf} Silence and Honey Cakes: The Wisdom of the DesertAuthor Rowan Williams – Carcier.co

A wonderfully intimate thought provoking exploration of the lives and writings of the desert monks of the 5th century.Skeptical of some aspects of the emerging catholic church these men and women devoted themselves to Christian community, devotion, reflection and above all, the pursuit of living in simplicity and humbleness.With today s current trend of many of us trekking off to distant lands to experience poverty and different kinds of community this book reminds us that this trend is not really as new as we think Many people have always yearned to put their busy, hectic stressful lives on hold While the current trend tends towards narcissism and the quest to find the real me these earlier people attempted to build better relations with each other, to worship God as they saw right and to practice the teachings of the new testament.Rowan Williams has done an excellent job of balancing description and analysis, gently letting the voices of the past speak for themselves while at the same time pointing out many of our contemporary problems apply to the questions this group of people were asking all those years ago in North Africa For instance the issue of restlessness is discussed by the desert fathers, a timeless problem. I need to go back to this one The information about the early church and the links to monasticism in Europe is interesting The edited highlights of the desert fathers thinking basically love rather than judgement is authentically Christian But I am not sure I have inwardly digested all that is being said by Rowan Williams and feel that quite a lot has been left out so this is not a complete picture. This book is worth careful reading because it can give the reader fresh insights into how a life of faith might best be lived So far I have read it three times and revisited some passages too I have taken the deeper message to heart It is beautifully written Superficially it is easy to read, but there is great depth there. One of several books recommended on a friends course, which I read as support Timeless and challenging, one of the best we have read.Explores the reasons behind some Anglican thinking and helped me appreciate so much , as I haven t a background in that form of church.Older book but don t be put off, it is full of ageless wisdom and bang up to today s needs. This is only a short book, but it is worth reading slowly The Desert Fathers and Mothers are a treasure trove in their own right here Rowan Williams distils some themes from their teachings and shows how they are still important to us today As I finish this book I m back on looking for some Williams to feed myself with. Simply outstanding A treasure trove of ancient wisdom and hilarious conversations in the desert. Eternal wisdom from time informative of a previous time It is not my style In this text, Rowan Williams goes back to the th century Desert Fathers and Mothers for inspiration and insight He rediscovers that the spirituality of the deseert resonates strongly with aspects of the modern spiritual search Rowan Williams has written a marvelous little book reflecting on the Desert Fathers and Mothers Dr Williams chooses several anecdotes and sayings of these early monastics, and then reflects upon them and gives the reader much rich food for thought Wonderful book