Read ePUB AQA A2 Physics A: Student's Book (Aqa Physics for A2)Author J Breithaupt –

The book itself is fine and just what you need to revise with Make time to do the summary and exam style questions as these will really help get your grades up There some parts that are quite waffly and unnecessary which is irritating especially when its mentioned isn t needed after you ve read it , but it isn t really an issue. AQA Physics A Is The Only Set Of Resources To Have Been Developed With, And Exclusively Endorsed By, AQA, Making Them The First Choice To Support The New AQA Specification For AS And A With A Range Of Truly Blended Resources, Physics A Offers Complete Coverage And Support Through A Variety Of Printed And Electronic Media By Working Closely With AQA , Nelson Thornes Have Produced Resources That Will Give Students And Teachers All They Need To Work Through The Specification With Complete Confidence loads of information No issues Great Service. My son passed with a good grade so I guess it must have been ok This book is essential if you want to pass your physics exams, it gives all the needed information Also, in order to achieve great results , you need to do all the extra exercises this book contains, they helped me a lot to get high grades. Through my A Level course I have had both the AS and A2 versions of this book and neither have satisfied me.They are both usable but anything other than well written Text is written in long hand english, which tends to waffle and make little sense I found myself reading paragraph upon paragraph over and over The ACTUAL exam style questions have no answers and the summary question answers follow no consistent form.This could go on.Overall, I quote my teacher when I say A wealth of textbooks is invaluable So, if you re buying this book to avoid misunderstanding purchase the CGP and Letts revision guides too. The notes are okay if not a little too detailed in places The problem is it has questions which require written answers every 2 pages and it doesn t give the answers in the back It only has answers to the numerical questions Also there are Practice Exam Style questions at the end of each unit which also have no answers have to look online student room Finally it doesn t have Unit 5 Section B notes and I tried looking on kerboodle the website being used where notes and support materials are available and shock horror it s completely dead end website A very frustrating textbook to use for questions for notes it s okay For unit 4 and 5A