Best Evelyn Underhill: Spirituality for Daily Living By Annice Callahan –

This book explores Evelyn Underhill s spirituality for daily living by describing aspects of her life and writings that are relevant for contemporary Christians in their daily living It combines scholarly research and pastoral applications The first part focuses on three influences on her life experiences and images, her study of the mystics, and her work with spiritual guides The second part discusses Underhill s spirituality for daily living based on a study of her letters, retreats, and other spiritual writings The third part presents her legacy for the third millennium her study of mysticism, her spiritual guidance, and her spirituality for daily living This work highlights aspects of her life with which readers may identify, for example her own return to the Anglican communion after fourteen years her ecumenical dialogue with the Orthodox church and her lifelong attraction to the mystical and sacramental aspect of Roman Catholicism her study of Sufi mystics bringing her into interfaith dialogue her pacifist stance in World War II and her prophetic contribution to the Anglican church as a woman spiritual director, retreat preacher, theologian, spiritual writer, and spiritual resource for today