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Looking for direction in your life Ever wonder how God is working in you and around you Join pastor and trainer Steve Witt as he helps you locate the intersection where our passions and personal currencies meet your sweet spot and in the process discover where God has been at work all along Partnering with God s Spirit in these ways will breed a deep sense of inner peace and cause your faith to grow You will begin to recognize God s hand in your past, your present, and see how He is plotting a course for your future Complete with interactive charts and guides, Your Prophetic Life Map will become the go to instrument in your spiritual development Steve will show you how a lifetime of encounters with God can shape your destiny You will learn to view your pain as a guide work your way out of immovable moments in life spot Spirit led opportunities navigate life s eight great choices see the art of planning as an act of faith

11 thoughts on “Your Prophetic Life Map

  1. Priscilla Priscilla says:

    This book is full of wisdom to help navigate through life It can take an ordinary life and give it the tools and direction to extraordinary and purpose filled living I Highly recommend it.

  2. Sgalat Sgalat says:

    Steve Witt is my pastor and is an awesome, encouraging, spiritually and biblically grounded speaker I was curious how that would translate to his second book I m just a few chapters in and I m hooked and already highlighting Easy to read, down to earth and practical This Being a prophetic person simply means loving Jesus so deeply that you become attuned to His presence within you.

  3. Mom of Boys Mom of Boys says:

    I literally just received my book today Via Prime and couldn t wait to read it I love how it is written and how down to earth relatable the author Steve Witt is Although I m only in the first chapter yes I read the forward and intro as you should because it tells you the intent of this book I had to fight to put it down I do not know Steve personally but he is my pastor and is very knowledgeable and I see as a strong man of God and wise Of course I was happy to gain some of his knowledge thru this book and I m happy to continue it as it is written like someone experiencing it with me, yet teaching me n loving me as friend much like Christ does I definitely recommend this and I can t wait to continue my life map Thanks pastor

  4. Justin Justin says:

    This book is so helpful in setting the course for your life It s encouraging and challenging I love that it gives practical steps to make sure you are not only living a life with purpose, but that you enjoy it as well I definitely recommend this book

  5. sara sara says:

    I believe this book is eye opening and life changing, and I love that it s an easy but profound read It is worth it to get it If not for you, then gift it to someone and bless them

  6. Joyce Joyce says:

    Wonderful Book on how to live a life focuses on destiny and purpose.

  7. Debra E. Hrnchar Debra E. Hrnchar says:

    Great book Powerful Insightful Highly recommend

  8. rebecca tompkins rebecca tompkins says:

    Powerful truth in this book I recommend it.

  9. Holly Payton Holly Payton says:

    Fantastic book

  10. dealz dealz says:

    Practical instructions for living a life committed to Christ with solid principles and individual application.

  11. Barbara Gardner Barbara Gardner says:

    Not yet done with the book but I m hooked it is a magnificent, life giving read Thanks, Steve