[read online books] The Wisdom of the Mystic East: Suhrawardi and Platonic Orientalism (SUNY series in Islam)Author John Walbridge – Carcier.co

An expert on the thought of medieval Islamic philosopher Suhrawardi argues that philosophers have romanticized this work as a revival of oriental wisdom Twelfth century Islamic philosopher Suhrawardi attempted to revive Platonism in an era of Avicennan Aristotelianism Modern scholars have portrayed Suhrawardi as wishing to revive an oriental wisdom and associate him with ancient Persia In this book, John Walbridge uses Suhrawardi as a vehicle to explore the tendency of Platonic philosophers to romanticize oriental wisdom The work presents Suhrawardi and defines the problem of Platonic orientalism, both in general and in relation to Suhrawardi Egypt and the Hermetic tradition, ancient Persia and the notion of metaphysical light, and India, Buddhism, and the transmigration of souls are all covered in terms of their influence or lack of influence in Suhrawardi s thought The book also explores the role of Platonic and Suhrawardian orientalism in various cultures over the years Walbridge has the rare ability to make what might on the surface seem like arcane debates lively and relevant to today His book is full of such important insights, the implications of which go well beyond simply Suhrawardi or even Islamics Juan R I Cole, University of Michigan