books pdf How (Not) to Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor By James K A Smith –

How Not to Be Secular is what Jamie Smith calls your hitchhiker s guide to the present it is both a reading guide to Charles Taylor s monumental work A Secular Age and philosophical guidance on how we might learn to live in our timesTaylor s landmark book A Secular Ageprovides a monumental, incisive analysis of what it means to live in the post Christian present a pluralist world of competing beliefs and growing unbelief Jamie Smith s book is a compact field guide to Taylor s insightful study of the secular, making that very significant but daunting work accessible to a wide array of readersEven , though, Smith s How Not to Be Secular is a practical philosophical guidebook, a kind of how to manual on how to live in our secular age It ultimately offers us an adventure in self understanding and maps out a way to get our bearings in today s secular culture, no matter who we are whether believers or skeptics, devout or doubting, self assured or puzzled and confused This is a book for any thinking person to chew on

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