[download Best] Johann Arndt (CWS): True Christianity (Classics of Western Spirituality (Paperback))Author Peter Erb – Carcier.co

Very hard to access how to cite this work Print is small No chapter organization I understand the piece is copied as found, however it s hard to work with academically. I am very pleased and would do business again if the opportunity arose. The language may be a bit dated for some Reading the Intro helps the reader to understand why the first section of the book is didactic and critical Don t take it personally, it was written for the 3rd generation of the Reformation, who were starting to forget why their forefathers had gone to all the trouble to know God personally, when just to pray, pay and obey was so much easier The rest of the book reminds us of the joy and fulfillment of putting God first in our lives. A great book for today nominal Christian who thinks all you have to is believe, but not live what they believe Christ gave us the example of believing God, and living out what He preached Should we do any less The reason there are defeated Christians today, is they do not really believe what they say they believe, or they do not live what they say they believe If you live the truths doctrines , then holiness is realizable in your life This book gives the foundation for believing God s truth and living it out Our actions are the evidence of what we really believe In the 1700 s when my great, great..grandparents left the Rhine Valley in Germany they gave each male in each household a copy of True Christianity to bring to the new world.I have not completed reading it, yet,but will A hard read Very confusing when you want to follow one theme or thought to another The language was up dated, but work could be done to make it a better modern read. Purchased this to add to my Classics of Western Spirituality collection When I get around to reading it, probably years from now, I ll probably review it then. Never before translated into English, this book by the sixteenth century Lutheran mystic has been the foundation for countless spiritual works both Protestant and Catholic