eBook Angelic Spirituality (CWS): Medieval Perspectives on the Ways of Angels: Medieval Perspectives on the Way of Angels (Classics of Western Spirituality Series) – Carcier.co

Explores the extensive landscape of angels in medieval Christian devotion and retrieves a very rich vein in the Christian spiritual tradition Particularly helpful when comparing other views of angels even those with other goals or down right trickery such as the work of John Dee An interesting overview very different than the modern view of angels as cute in the medieval period we are reminded that they were fierce as portrayed in the bible even when they were simply delivering messages people would cower in fear fall to the ground and couldn t look at them from fear This book serves as an antidote to the idea of angels as cute smiling baby types with wings. Excellent book about the spirits of heaven Some parts are a little heavy , but overall really superb From Augustine, Gregory the Great, Bernard of Clairvaux to Hugh of St Victor, they all provide great insight to the Angelic Realm This is NOT a lite book about little cherubs and cutsie angels this is a serious work on the Angels and Spirits There is NO New Age influence in this serious document, it is for those who long for and hunger after the face of God and how they are being shaped by the light of the angels This is a very good book. Wonderful collection, appropriately edited and presented, all in one place.