[[ Prime ]] Walk through Our Church, AAuthor Gertrud Mueller Nelson – Carcier.co

Illustrated with bold and inviting line drawings, this book offers readers a reverent and educational tour of an empty church, giving names to its furnishingsa lovely experience for children and adults Full color illustrations Agesand up

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  1. NED Hudson MA NED Hudson MA says:

    As a professional Director of Faith Formation in Catholic parishes for 26 years, I have purchased this book for every parish I have worked in As a parent, grandparent, aunt, Godmother, and friend I have purchased it countless times as a gift for children receiving First Communion It is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written It shares, in language that is appropriate for children, all of what they see when they enter a church Children learn the correct words for these objects and an understanding and importance of each one as it relates to our liturgy and worship I think this is a MUST have for every Catholic home, religious education teacher, and parish bookshelf

  2. Karen Ratti Karen Ratti says:

    The First and Second grades use this book before they are taken into the Church.