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The Theology in Dialogue Series explores the relationship between theology and different, secular academic disciplines which appear within the degree programs of colleges and universities Each volume begins with a chapter and a reply, providing a thoughtful justification for the interaction of theology and the particular subject This is followed by a theoretical analysis of this interaction, and a range of case studies illustrating the situation in the classroom English Literature, Theology and the Curriculum explores the nature and authority of religious writings and their influence on secular literature What makes it distinctive is the manner in which it investigates the textual dynamic between the two disciplines by combining both theory and case study in a single collection of writings It discusses interdisciplinary dialogue, offers case studies on literature and theology from Anglo Saxon verse to the twentieth century novel, and looks at curriculum considerations The eminence and breadth of the contributors is outstanding Praise for English Literature, Theology and the Curriculum A superbly rich collectionas valuable to those involved in literary studies as to theologians It breathes life and real engagement Times Educational Supplement Fascinating and scholarly collectionThis is an excellent book Though some of the chapters are better than others, none is a dud Its contributors and editor are to be congratulated Journal of Beliefs and Values These substantial essays deserveextensive comment than a brief review permitsLiam Gearon s chapter prompted this reviewer to embark on a reading of Brian Moore s work a rewarding undertaking for which his chapter proved an invaluable guide International Journal of Children s Spirituality Perhaps what is most noteworthy about Liam Gearon s edited volume is that it combines theory with practical applications and co