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A believing Christian, Hough compiled this book as an aid to prayer in a busy, modern life It returns to the source rd century of what later became known as Lectio Divina in the West and the Jesus Prayer in the East ways to take small extracts from the Bible and pray with them in a simple, contemplative way It is the opposite, in a way, from theminute Bible or Testament which are abridged texts to give a quick over view of the whole The Bible as Prayer is meant to be read slowly, one segment a day, and is solely intended to lead the reader into prayer, not for Bible study a book to use, not read or study Its appeal could be extremely wide ranging, from prayer groups and retreats to the bedsides of hospitals or prisons and its gathering together of the most inspiring verses of the Scriptures from beginning to end, combined with an utterly simple method of use, make it the perfect book to dip into for beginners as well as theexperienced This is a book to encourage people to pray Even if they have only five minutes to spare, or feel totally uninspired, there should be something on every page which can kindle the flame and, over time, change the heart

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