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When Becoming Anabaptist appeared in , it was the first major study to incorporate the new history of multiple beginnings and a diverse Anabaptism into a synthesis of meanings for the late th century J Denny Weaver s attempt was welcomed and widely acclaimed by scholars and by church leaders alike In this second edition, Weaver provides a masterful treatment of his beloved Anabaptist vision William Willimon, in the ForewordPages

4 thoughts on “Becoming Anabaptist: The Origin and Significance of 16th-Century Anabaptism

  1. Kurt A. Johnson Kurt A. Johnson says:

    This wonderful book admirably covers the origin of the Anabaptist faith, from the very beginning of the Protestant Reformation to the death of Menno Simons in 1561 Anabaptism did not originate with one man in one place Instead, the modern Anabaptist movement is a confluence of reform movements in three areas Switzerland, Southern Germany and Moravia, and the Low Countries And, in the final chapter of the book, the author, Professor of Religion at Bluffton Mennonite College, looks at the implication of the historic Anabaptist faith.Overall, I found this to be a fantastic book The author gives a clear and concise history of Anabaptism, including the famous or infamous Anabaptist kingdom of Munster 1534 35 As I was reading along, I could not help but marvel at the excellence of the book.However, the final chapter, The Meaning of Anabaptism, I found much less appealing As members of a hated and persecuted minority themselves, the Anabaptists have frequently campaigned for civil and human rights in many countries around the world But, the author seems to unquestioningly link the modern Anabaptists to the modern American political Left I found this to be rather disappointing, and in some ways a cheapening of Anabaptism, making its social reach dependent on a non Christian movement.But, that said, this is a marvelous history of the Anabaptist faith, definitely the best one that I have seen so far So, if you are interested in the history of the Anabaptists, then you simply MUST get this book I highly recommend it.

  2. AJ AJ says:

    The history may be accurate and insightful enough, but i found it as dry as licking a postage stamp I think the Anabaptist history is alive than the impression you d get from this book The Moravians alone would make you realize they were world changers and world chasers for Christ I m reading another book on Anabaptist history now It has to be better than this Wish me well This is the driest history book i have read in a decade.

  3. John M Oren John M Oren says:

    I m facilitating a book study at a Church of the Brethren which includes a number of Mennonite co fellowshipers, and we re finding it exceedingly informative and thought provoking it gives us the historical, as well as philosophical, underpinnings of Anabaptism, and underlines the significance of our heritage as well as connecting our past with an exploration of our current movement Denny Weaver is a respected academic with a fresh, clear and simple writing style that keeps it comprehensive and comprehensible I d recommend it to anybody interested in the topic, whatever their background or reason.

  4. Jim Rohrer Jim Rohrer says:

    Readable style Contemporary sources mixed with historical sources Challenging conclusions Not sure I full agree, because it may be overly theoretical at the expense of being biblical.