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John Henry Newman was the greatest of all the Englsih churchmen of the last two hundered years Venerated throughout the worls, Newman s many gifts, andhis life of exemplary holiness, continue to fascinate Famous in his own lifetime as a writer, thinker, preacher and poet, he is seen today as a prophet and a saint Few have achieved his clarity of vision over the fundamentals of the Christian Faith, or have been able to express these timeless truths so clearly, to share them so lucidly and to coninue to inspire succeeding generations Here is a highly readable account of his life, written with a freshness and immediacy that brings us close to the story of this remarkable man a very English saint Joyce Sugg, like Newman, is a convert to the Catholic Church from Anglicanism and has spent most of her life either in Oxford or in Birmingham

2 thoughts on “John Henry Newman: Snapdragon: Snapdragon in the Wall

  1. Mr. C. R. J. Castell Mr. C. R. J. Castell says:

    This is an excellent book and very accessible for both an adult reader and for a young person The language is clear and the narrative of Newman s life is very carefully explored.

  2. MGW Salisbury MGW Salisbury says:

    If you want to gain a greater insight into why Pope Benedict is coming to England to beatify John Henry Newman then you cannot do better than enjoy reading this book Joyce Sugg is a renown Newman scholar who describes both the academic and pastoral life of Newman in a readable and inclusive style What can one say but this book has stood the test of time as it was written nearly 50 years ago and is still in print.