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Exam Success IEE Wiring Regulations Is A New Publication Created By City Guilds, In Collaboration With The Institution Of Engineering And Technology Organized For Easy Use, It Contains Two Full Sample Exam Papers, Together With Answers And Comments, Designed To Reinforce Knowledge And Understanding Of The Subject And To Prepare Candidates For The ExaminationCity Guilds Is The UK S Leading Provider Of Vocational Qualifications, Offering Over Awards Across A Wide Range Of Industries, And Progressing From Entry Level To The Highest Levels Of Professional Achievement With Over Centres In Countries, City Guilds Is Recognized By Employers Worldwide For Providing Qualifications That Offer Proof Of The Skills They Need To Get The Job Done

8 thoughts on “City and Guilds Exam Success: Inspection and Testing (IEE Wiring Regulations)

  1. magic rat magic rat says:

    Firstly, this book will NOT give you the underpinning knowledge to pass the 2391 exam, nor is it meant to It is an exam practice guide and as such the emphasis is on what is expected in terms of answer structure and presentation It s easy to fail a written exam not through lack of knowledge but lack of understanding of what the examiners are looking for this book goes some way to addressing this.There are two sample papers with answers and comments tips on maximising the marks gained Will a one word answer suffice What about including a diagram Some previous reviews have questioned the physical quality of the book but my copy seems well put together and so far there are no loose pages.I would recommend this book to anyone sitting the 2391 it s bad enough losing marks on a question you can t answer but losing marks on something you know but have struggled to present effectively is much worse.Good luck to anyone sitting the 2391 this year

  2. D. Snejdr D. Snejdr says:

    The book has been around for a while so I am sure there are 100s of reviews So just adding another opinion Actually because it has been around for a while you would have thought someone would get rid off all the errors in it I am talking major errors It shows you how the questions are structured and exactly how you should answer which really is the whole point of the book And that s brilliant.You just have to ignore lots of the answers Its dangerous because unfortunately when you are doing the exam the stress is immense and its easy to remember the wrong facts from the wrong answers So watch out Second and last thing to moan about is the make quality of the book Or the lack of it It fell apart after 2 days For roughly 30 you would expect a bit better stuff But a lots of gaffa tape sorted it.So all in all its alright Definitely a must for the Test Inspection and Certification exam

  3. krystiang2007 krystiang2007 says:

    One of tons of other tools to help you beat examiners for C G 2394 2395Take your chance and buy it.Maybe right this book will let you succeedRecommended product

  4. Aston Edwards Aston Edwards says:

    passed my exam just by using this book

  5. Jon Loxton Jon Loxton says:

    if I got it don t now what happened for got all a bout it till now

  6. Kalps Kalps says:

    Product as discribed

  7. mark mark says:

    purchased this item as was getting ready to sit exams last year, i was under so much pressure i completely forgot that it never arrived and never got a refund, like bit my fault but hay were is my stuff

  8. yogibear yogibear says:

    If you are looking at taking the 2391 written exam this book is invaluable The hints and tips and the practice exams go to make a very useful learning experience I would have liked then 2 though