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Let Us Draw Near is full of information and insight but offers so much You can get a lot of material on the tabernacle from the general literature and the internet, but this book is intended, as its title indicates, to actually help us draw near It is written in such a way as to transport your imagination into the scene to see things from the point of view of the original participants The explanations and insights it offers are excellent I have both taught and been taught on the tabernacle, offerings and feasts of Israel, but there are useful things in this book I have found nowhere else It has added to my knowledge and appreciation, but importantly it has helped me draw nearer to God I highly recommend it. I read this book in high school, and realized I wanted to reread it again, after many years I was thrilled to find it here, because my mother couldn t place her hands on her copy any. This book takes you on a jouney based on the scriptures regarding the Tabernacle to the ARK of the COVENANT and the building process of them It explains, as if you were there, the people, place and all the instruments that made up these two GOD ordained structures for the GOD of ISRAEL This book is out of print, but worth purchasing as used on as I got it My copy was in EXCELLENT CONDITION like new I had several copies when it first came out, but I gave them away so others could be blessed It s excellent for a bible study about the TABERNACLE and the ARK OF THE COVENANT along with the pictures shown It takes you right into the pages as if you were there with Moses and others I will not give my copy away this time once all available copies are gone THERE GONE GET THIS I was blessed to actually discuss this book with its author, the late Judson Cornwall He took portions of Exodus that spoke to him and felt as though he could imagine the conversations that were NOT written and some of the scenes that were not recorded and provide them to us This is a rich little book that starts with what Scripture provides and fills in some gaps in the story The narrative provides insight into the construction of the wilderness tabernacle and some interesting conclusions about what things might have looked like Judson s heart was to push or pull believers further into the depth and richness of symbolism found in the Bible He did it again with this great little read Imagine speaking with Bezalel to get his impressions of the incredible task of being the chief craftsman on the job, one God Himself had prepared with all the skills necessary to accomplish this thing Imagine being on the side of a hill and looking down at the camp site where a million souls spent time on their wilderness wandering See the tabernacle in the center and the tribes divided, three to the north, three to the south, three each to the east and west A cross with the tabernacle and the Ark of the Presence at its very heart Selah Great read and worth pursuing. I would highly recommend this book and this author to anyone looking to learn about worship and the tabernacle Judson Cornwall is a very gifted author with wonderful insight to praise and worship. An excellent insight into the revelation of Jesus Christ through the Tabernacle of Moses This is a real eye opening experience and one will never read the Old Testament the same way again A This is the best book ever i have 2 copies I have read it several times it explains the Tabernacle in the Old Testament so well The book makes you feel as if you are there with the characters hearing from God. The book arrived in the condition I was told gently used and I am so glad to have found it Anyone wanting to know about life in Biblical times would enjoy the way he describes the tabernacle, the way it was built and why and the other things pertaining to it One of my classics. Shipped from UK Clean copy Slight creasing on spine Cover and Binding intact some markings by reader One of my favorites Well written and helps you understand the Old and New Testaments better Wish it would be reprinted