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Thank you very much From the publisher of the Jordanville Prayer Book and A Psalter for Prayer comes the perfect devotional companion for travel and everyday life This truly pocket edition brings together prayers for use throughout the day with all one hundred fifty Psalms of David adapted from the classic Miles Coverdale translation Designed with convenience and affordability in mind to encourage all Christians to pray without ceasing This is a very prayer book with exactly what I need. The language doesn t flow well and the psalms are not organized in kathismas This was just a cash grab for the Seminary. To my knowledge, there is no other Orthodox prayer book available that is bound together with a full Greek Septuagint Psalter, making this small volume, at least for me, a must have I already own A Psalter for Prayer Pocket Edition, translated by David Mitchell James, and have found that translation both beautiful and edifying That particular text is also found here in full But added prior the Psalter are Morning and Evening Prayers, prayers throughout the day, various Canons, pre and post Communion prayers, and much The prayer section is nearly as long as the Psalter itself.The book itself is definitely pocket sized I would have preferred a sturdier cover, but for just 10, one cannot complain about the rather thick paper cover of this text, which has a smooth finish on the outside I do hope that Holy Trinity Monastery would consider creating a pocket sized volume of this text that could endure a bit wear and tear similar to A Psalter for Prayer The binding seems to be well glued, and the font is not too small, surprisingly If your vision is decent, and you read in a well lit environment, this text should serve you well.Again, as far as I know, this combo book is one of a kind in the English language for Orthodox believers To look at, and with no disrespect intended, the volume looks almost disposable because of its paperback feel But the contents are magnificent As long as this little book incites the faithful to fulfill 1 Thess 5 17, it is a precious gift to the Church Thank you HTM for your hard work for the Kingdom. The format is nice, and the translation is Fr Lawrence s The price is a bit high, but the prayer book offers alot It s very handy I don t know who is behind Orthodox printing in North America these days, but it is inexcusable for Orthodox liturgical books, prayer books, Bibles not to have crosses on the cover.I would suggest in the next edition the publishers divide the Psalter into kathismas and provide instruction on prayer rules and how to read the Psalter.