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A thorough introduction to Orthodox doctrine, for Orthodox spirituality cannot be properly understood apart from the theology on which it rests that the aim of man s life is union with God and deification in Christ through the Holy Spirit. This lovely little book bears all the strengths and weaknesses of Father Lev Gillet, the Quaker of the Eastern Rite, as he called himself What kind of book would he write today, I wonder In the introduction from 1945, he mentions that he wrote the book partly in the Anglican monastery at Cowley closed in 2012 and partly at the Anglican monastery at Mirfield and the Quaker centre at Woodbrooke both of which would now be unrecognizable to their founders The most amazing monastery in England is now ORTHODOX founded by the saintly Elder Sophrony of Essex The days of Orthodox and Anglicans being close to inter communion are long gone.But the content of the book This monk of the Eastern Church knows and loves our Lord Period If your heart is ready, this book WILL bring you closer to Christ.The appendix of the book dates from 1978, so it s amazing to pile on the developments since then the revival of Orthodoxy in Russia and Eastern Europe, the renewal on Mount Athos, the blossoming of English language Orthodoxy Father Lev notes the updating otherwise known as the destruction of the traditional Catholic and Anglican liturgies going on in the 1970s and remarks that the Orthodox faithful are not asking for changes in the Divine Liturgy because, we might add, it is the sacred duty of all Orthodox to protect, treasure, and transmit the Faith once for all delivered to the saints He wonders about those Orthodox suffering behind the Iron Curtain and now we have books by and about these saintly souls, such as Father George Calciu, tortured for the sake of Christ in a Romanian prison The appendix ends on what could be a prophetic note The hour may be coming when, as in the first centuries, the state of persecution will become the normal state of the disciples of Jesus Father Lev, pray to God for us, for all of us. One Holy Church The Oriental and Eastern churches are called Orthodox, while the Western is described as Catholic Universal Christians confess We believe in One, Holy, Universal fellowship of the original three Apostolic sees Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch , and Apostolic based on Apostolic tradition of charitable service and preaching of the Good News.Eastern Orthodox Church A good starter for Protestant readers is Daniel Clendenin s Eastern Orthodox Christianity A Western Perspective, Baker, 1994, he reviews the eastern tradition with a comparative theological slant To get a better understanding of Orthodoxy, it is recommended to review Bishop Kalistos Ware s The Orthodox Way, St Vladimir SP, 1996 Ernst Benz, The Eastern Orthodox Church, Its Thought and Life, Doubleday, 1963, is a helpful introduction, together with Timothy Ware, The Orthodox Church, Penguin, 1993 A thorough yet accessible examination of Orthodox doctrines can be sought in The Spirit of Eastern Christendom, Volume 2 The Christian Tradition A History of the Development of Doctrine, University of Chicago, 1974.Orthodox Spirituality To begin with, declares Fr Schmemann as the orthodox spiritual tradition constitutes the self evident criterion for the evaluation of all other spiritualities This trend has no particular center, geographical or personal, no unique starets, no institutional form of its own In that world, where the term Orthodoxy meant not faith alone but also a culture, a way of life, an all embracing world view, inspired and generated by faith, Ascetical Mystical tradition Due to inconveniences at the time of translating this little manual from French, the first chapter is obscured, the translator was wrestling with the English equivalents, and corresponding terminology, which was not yet established in the UK or USA This first chapter is elaborated in Section IV of Part 2, in The Study of Spirituality, where K Ware, A Louth, and S.Tugwell alternatively develop this tradition, from the desert Fathers to Maximus the confessor Professor S Brock excels in exposing the Syriac Tradition, from the evaluation of the writings of the Eastern Fathers.The Essentials of Orthodox Spirituality, is the core of this booklet Fr Gilet goes from the Aim and means of Christian life, to The stages of spiritual life, in seven progressive basics.Chapters 3 5 show the integrated spirituality of Fr Gilet, who explores the Christocentric nature of Orthodox spirituality in three remarkable chapters The Baptizing Christ , Christ, the Sender of the Holy Spirit, and Christ, our Passover Orthodox spirituality is conceived and portrayed by him as the new life in Jesus Christ, not the cultivation Sigma of mere techniques of prayer, fasting, or other ascetic toil in the systematic investigation of an abstract idea The cherished Author A Monk of the Eastern Church is the well known pseudonym for Father Lev Gillet 1893 1980 , who has written many spiritually helpful books on biblical and spiritual reflections Lev Gillet, a Roman Catholic turned Greek Orthodox was united to the Orthodox Church in 1928 He became deeply inspired by Orthodox piety, and monastic spirituality After two decades he was appointed chaplain to the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius, where he was dedicated to the cause of Christian unity In the mid fifties he collaborated in an effort to revitalize orthodox fellowship of the youth in Lebanon and Egypt His earlier books were translated into Arabic, and had cordial relations with leaders of those movements.