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This essential guide to religion explains the key tenets and big ideas behind the world s five main religions Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism alongside newer faithsThe Religions Book clearly explains the key concepts behind the earliest religious beliefs right up to the world s newest faiths, getting to the heart of what it means to believe with jargon free descriptions, step by step diagrams, and witty illustrations that encapsulate every aspect of religious thinking Examine major historical developments and ideas with a universal timeline, providing a global perspective on the origins and major events that have contributed to the growth and spread of religion and spirituality Along with the teaching highlights of pre eminent figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Saint Paul, and Al Ghazali, you ll also find a handy reference section featuring a glossary of religious terms and a roadmap to all the branches of the major faiths and the points of doctrine or tradition on which they differ Modern alternative religions and spiritual beliefs from around the world are also explored and set into the context of the political, social, and cultural climates from which they emerged Compelling and accessible, The Religions Book is the perfect guide for students of religious study, or anyone interested in the ideas of ancient and present day faiths and religious philosophies.

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  1. Mr. Damian Burrell Mr. Damian Burrell says:

    This Religions book was superbly written with intelligent research on the major world faiths still in the world today This Religions Book informs people of the beliefs and world views of other people and their religious path that they are on The Authors point out key terms and phrases of the faith groups adherents.This information is vitaly important in engaging with the Religions of this world.Mankind has the eternal within their hearts and searches for truth and wants to know why are we here Who is God Where do I come from How do I live What does it all mean When will I obtain the answers I am looking for

  2. TimH TimH says:

    Incredible book, there is so much information in here it takes a few read throughs to absorb it all Well laid out so the reader can dip in out to read specific sections Good use of illustrations throughout and well worth adding to your collection if this subject matter interests you.

  3. MCGringo51 MCGringo51 says:

    The whole series of these books are excellently put together The illustrations and in context sections break up the text making it a joy read.Very informative and comprehensive enough for anyone wanting simply to expand their general knowledge.

  4. Artjom S. Artjom S. says:

    This Big Ideas books are truly amazing Lots of information explained in a very simple way, specially for people that are interested to learn about a new subject.

  5. E E says:

    This was brought for a yr 7 and is great for homework.

  6. Alan J Butcher Alan J Butcher says:

    Good for refenece

  7. The Antyman The Antyman says:

    This book set out thing in a very understandible way.

  8. Stuart Davies Stuart Davies says:

    Great book covers all bases