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We re told that the Bible is beautiful, uplifting and a joy to read but, while we know this is how we re supposed to feel about it, in reality many of us find the very opposite On opening the Bible, we are faced with a multitude of problems from its form and historical content to its sheer size and often distasteful stories, we can be left feeling overwhelmed and disheartened But the problem is not with the Bible and it s not with us eitherThe problem is we ve been misinformed And so, we end up believing things about the Bible that the Bible never claims for itself But the Bible won t politely sign up to the neat categories and terms we force on it That s why it s badly behaved We want to control the Bible and tame it so that we can ride it into battle but the Bible bucks and rears and throws us off We want to pin the Bible down so that it proves our theology but the Bible evades capture and plays hide and seek We want answers but the Bible keeps firing questions We want it to tell us what to do but the Bible keeps telling us to think We want to make the Bible dance to our tune but the Bible has music of its own The Bible is an invitation and a call The breath of God lifts its pages, and they rise and fall with his breathingIn his honest and accessible style, Nick Page urges us to re discover a fresh look at the Bible as thescriptural bedrock of the Christian faith, to learn how we can undo unhelpful ways of reading it anddemystifying its purpose and scopeNick tackles what the Bible is and what it isn t, how we can critically read this inspired text and how we approach the difficulties in its contentAlongside helpful analysis and practical advice including kickstarting his one man campaign to ban Bible study Nick helps us re discover how to rediscover the Bible as Holy Ground, as a place where we meet and encounter God

8 thoughts on “The Badly Behaved Bible: Thinking again about the story of Scripture

  1. Stephen Wright Stephen Wright says:

    I ve read a lot of books about the bible in my time, but this has to be one of the very best Not only is it brilliantly written, easy to understand, fun and funny, but also condenses a huge amount of learning For some folks, it will be seen as a rather disturbing text too Mainly, because while Page stresses the God breathed dimension of scripture , he lays bear its humanity, which means all sorts of things, but certainly not that it is without error or shortcomings The beauty of the book though, is that even as Page goes about undermining sacred cows and misconceptions, there is a genuine, deeply felt call for Christians to re engage with scripture I hope it gets the readership it deserves.

  2. Susan Thorne Susan Thorne says:

    I have huge respect for the Bible in fact I became a Christian by reading the whole thing However, no one can read it without being assailed by questions Nick Page gives us permission to voice those questions, and he suggests, not answers, but ways of tackling our questions and doubts.

  3. avriel meikle avriel meikle says:

    I enjoyed the act of rethinking a lot of conclusions I had worked out for myself the author has a great sense of humour why do we not think a little deeper about things we are told as children.when we are adults question everything we told just look at things carefully

  4. muddybottom muddybottom says:

    Not heavy going but informative A good intro to understanding what the bible is really about and what it actually does not claim to be i.e Not inerrant, not a book of rules, not boring, if read properly and in the right places, but inspired.

  5. Nigel Nigel says:

    Excellent, engaging and easy to read book It is helping my understanding of the bible and what it is trying to say to me.

  6. R Eader R Eader says:

    I had heard Nick Page the author being interviewed on Premier Christian Radio about this book form how he described it I thought it would be worth buying it certainly was a good buy and I hvae recommended it to others.

  7. RJ RJ says:

    Pulls the Bible apart then keeps saying that he believes it Not impressed by his reasoning.

  8. Wendy Jones Wendy Jones says:

    You know when you read a Nick page book you are going to get a different perspective This one did not disappoint Nick manages to discuss theological issues in a way that is easy to understand In this book, he takes a some may say irreverent look at the bible However, despite the style I did not find this book irreverent or flippant in the slightest It outlines truths about the bible which made me think completely differently about how I approach my reading of it He tackles many of the difficult passages and outlines what was meant in the original Greek and how translations may have become confused He does this in a style that made me want to keep reading and I learned so much about the bible, the text and the way it was put together.This book is excellent, eminently readable and brings new perspective to the narrative within the books of the bible I can highly recommend it to all Christians.I was given a copy of this book from the publisher At no point was I asked to review it The review is based on my reading, and enjoyment, of the book and done of my own volition.