Download ePUB AQA A-level Philosophy Year 2: Metaphysics of God and metaphysics of mind –

Exam board AQALevel A levelSubject PhilosophyFirst teaching September First exams Summer Enable students to critically engage with the newAQA specifications with this accessible Student Book that covers the key concepts and philosophical arguments, offers stimulating activities, provides a key text anthology and assessment guidance Cements understanding of complex philosophical concepts and encourages students to view ideas from different approaches through clear and detailed coverage of key topics Strengthens students analytical skills to develop their own philosophical interpretations using a variety of inventive and thought provoking practical activities and tasks Encourages students to engage with the anthology texts, with references throughout and relevant extracts provided at the back of the book for ease of teaching and studying Stretches students conceptual analysis with extension material Helps AS and A level students to approach their exams with confidence with assessment guidance and support tailored to the AQA requirements A good revision guide but very wordy and often drags a theory out using long examples which mean over a page you might only highlight a few sentences.So lots of waffle to wade through but still helpful even if not concise. I study A level Philosophy and this is the only textbook available for my course Unfortunately you can tell it was quickly thrown together For a subject so focused upon accuracy and logic this book is incredibly illogical and rather disappointing Useful for planning, aimed at the most able.