{Read pdf} Welcome to the Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern ChristianityAuthor Frederica Mathewes Green – Carcier.co

Welcome to the Orthodox Churchits history, theology, worship, spirituality, and daily life This friendly guide provides a comprehensive introduction to Orthodoxy, but with a twist readers learn by making a series of visits to a fictitious church, and get to know the faith as new Christians did for most of history, by immersion Mathews Green provides commentary and explanations on everything from how to venerate an icon, the Orthodox understanding of the atonement, to the Lenten significance of tofu Its the perfect book for inquirers and newcomers, but even readers who have been Orthodox all their say they learned things they never knew before Enjoyable, easy to read, and leavened with humor, Welcome to the Orthodox Church is a gracious guide to the ancient faith of the Christian East