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The Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers Second Series contains in fourteen volumes the works of the Greek Fathers from Eusebius to John of Damascus and the Latin Fathers from Hilary to Gregory the Great Several of the writings appear for the first time in English The first three volumes are a complete collection of the historical writings of the Fathers, whose permanent value as the primary sources is universally acknowledged Other volumes contain the works of eminent figures in early Christian history, such as Athanasius, Jerome, and Ambrose The series concludes with the canons and decrees of the seven ecumenical councils, as well as canons of local synod with ecumenical acceptance The Second Series is edited by Philip Schaff, eminent church historian and professor at Union Theological Seminary, NY, and Henry Wace, Principal of Kings College, London Volume Titles VolumeEusebius Church History, Life of Constantine the Great, Oration in Praise of ConstantineVolumeSocrates, Sozomenus Church HistoriesVolumeTheodoret, Jerome, Gennadius, Rufinus Historical WritingsVolumeAnthanasius Selects Works and LettersVolumeGregory of Nyssa Dogmatic Treatises, etcVolumeJerome Letters and Select WorksVolumeCyril of Jerusalem, Gregory NazianzenVolumeBasil Letters and Select WorksVolumeHilary of Poitiers, John of DamascusVolumeAmbrose Select Works and LettersVolumeSulpitius Severus, Vincent of Lerins, John CassianVolumeLeo the Great, Gregory the GreatVolumeGregory the Great, Ephraim Syrus, AphrahatVolumeThe Seven Ecumenical Councils

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    An excellent buy, I wish I used it often

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    For most of us wanting to study the Church Fathers we are limited to short quotes in secondary literature This series makes available the primary texts so you can really get a feel of the authors arguments No doubt the translations are old and the purist scholar might not be satisfied but if you want the chance to get a feel for the literature the series is great The material is available on line but I find it much easier to read in a hard copy One minor niggle is that the margins are very small and the font for the footnotes is tiny For the full 14 hardback volumes it is a very good price there is probably a life time of reading there


    Great deal

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    Great set Shipped promptly and very satisfied with the quality of texts A great resource to keep in the study.

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