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EXCELLENT CONDITION WELL WORTH THE MONEY WHICH TO BE HONEST WAS PEANUTS WOULD HAVE PAID MORE IF ASKED. Joseph Smith translation of the bible Oververses revised I was looking for a book with all the JS changes, this is it its clear and informative This is the most inspired translation of the Bible Translated by direct revaluation and with no omissions or mis translations This book is an inspired aid to life and Heavenly Fathers plan for us We can study and learn of His relationship with the prophets and the chosen people. Unfortunately Joseph Smith was an extremely good con man in19th century America One has only to search the Internet to get the whole story of his fraudulent activity including confessions from practising Mormons His corrections to the King James bible because it was supposed to be inaccurate is a myth His corrections are solely based on his personal whim He had no knowledge of Hebrew, Greek or Latin so how could he insist his translation was better Any reputable biblical scholar would just laugh at his efforts if they could be bothered to read it.A complete waste of money. Io non conosco molto la lingua Inglese, ma come membro della Chiesa di Ges Cristo dei Santi deglu Ultimi Giorni, sono contenta di poter avere questo libro prezioso Grazie I feel very fortunate to have this text so readily available And I m grateful for those who put this together and formatted it for Kindle FYI this latest edition, published in 2016, includes all the Inspired Version Bible text There are some real gems in here that aren t included in the LDS version of the King James Bible My understanding of God s word and plan for mankind has increased greatly through reading this It further strengthens my belief in the work and prophetic mantle of Joseph Smith. With both deletions and additions shown in the text, no switching between the KJV and the JST They re both right there and easy to read and to differentiate. As a Mormon convert who was raised Catholic I like Pope Francis, by the way , it was while not difficult for me to accept extrabiblical revelation such as the Book of Mormon of which I have a fairly strong testimony , at first quite another matter for me to deal with Joseph s inspired translation of the Bible However the added text is often quite uplifting to me and centers on explaining elements of Christian faith that Mormons see as restored The text that Joseph crossed out from the KJV is not removed from the Bible in the sense of being unavailable The LDS Church includes the KJV among the four Standard Works in English It is the first So Joseph s textual changes only help and do no harm I understand that those who are not LDS may feel differently. What s there is good, but it is not as complete as the 1970 edition by Joseph Smith and Paul A Wellington.