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Wow First class, knowledgeable contemporary intercultural work Fr Johnston s book is the most modern and comprehensive text on Christian mystical theology to be found anywhere, east or west Nothing else like it in print If you want to understand the landscape of Christian contemplative prayer, this is the book to read. If you really want to understand the differences between types of prayer and contemplation, this is the book for you Citing St John of the Cross, one gets a very clear explanation of the dark night of the soul as well as , how love is infused into the soul by God and leads to wisdom Contemplation is not achieved by human effort, but is God gift It involves great suffering I liked this book because of the author s depth of understanding of the content It does require concentration and perseverance but the reward is worth your time It met my expectations fully. From the earliest centuries there has existed a Christian theology of mysticism, defining the state which Bernard Lonergan called a being in love with God St John of the Cross wrote such a theology for the sixteenth century, calling it the science of love Now, William Johnston, one of the great spiritual writers of our time, attempts to do the same for the twenty first centuryIn Part One of Mystical Theology Johnston surveys Christian mysticism through the centuries Johnson shows that such a theology today must dialogue with modern science and with Eastern religions Part Two provides this dialogue, where Johnston engages Einstein s theories as well as Zen Buddhism In Part Three, it becomes clear how the science of love is no longer an esoteric discipline for monks and nuns In Johnston s writing it becomes accessible to all modern people grappling with problems of sexuality, social justice, world peace, and the protection of the environmentMystical Theology is indispensable to all those seeking guidance as well as intellectual and historical foundations of the Christian mystical experience today This is an excellent and comprehensive overview of the subject of mystical theology It is also an excellent introduction to the relationship between Christian mysticism and the mysticism of the world religions, especially those of the East. Hard to review a book that is for use in a class setting I am not really a reader but it served it s purpose It arrived in a timely manor and the price was right Good but not really a great book Just not my personal topic.