[ Prime ] Conference of the Birds: A Seeker's Journey to GodAuthor Farid al-Din Attar – Carcier.co

First written in the th century, Conference of the Birds is an allegory of extreme measures for extreme times the story of birds seeking a king is the story of all of us seeking God Like the birds, we may be excited for the journey, until we realize that we must give up our fears and hollow desires, that our journey will be long and hard Like the duck, we may not wish to leave the water Like the nightingale, we may want to stay close to our rosesDirect and to the point, Masani s translation, made in the early part of the th century, is particularly apropos for our early st century times both are periods of intense spiritual seeking I don t if such words could be used when it comes to describing such a spiritual book but Attar peace be upon him is trully a master TThe simplicity with which he relates the story is very deep The way God is described is an eye opener I recommend this book to anybody who wants to know what Sufism is about. Purchased as a gift. I liked the translation It was clear and to the point It may have my told all stories by the birds but I thought that the reader will get the essence of the story Well done