Free Helen Steiner Rice - A Collection Of HopeAuthor Helen Steiner Rice –

A lot of comfort reading in this small but powrful book Makes a wonderful gift or present ALWAYS FIND THE HELEN STEINER RICE BOOKS EX ELLENT VALUE THEY REALLY HELP WHEN ONE IS FEELING DOWN PRICE IS GOOD AS I EXPECT FROM Saying prayers Acclaimed poet Helen Steiner Rice s beautiful verse has been treasured for decades Her work continues to speak to readers as they experience the profound hope in Barbour s newest 160 page Value Book Readers will be inspired to share Helen Steiner Rice s beloved verse again and again withA Collection of Hope Poems like Faith Is a Mighty Fortress and There s Always a Springtime will ease your heart and lift your spirit. Great gift for friends or family as it contains lots of sayings and useful paragraphs I will order some soon Bought as a gift for family member who loved the book My mum loved these books.