Saint of the Day –

Lovely to dip into each day I have yet to read any content BECAUSE The only links are for each saint name, but the names are not alphabetized nor sorted by date, so first you have to scan through hundreds of names to find it The only way to avoid searching through 14 pages of names is to already know the saint s date, and then employ the by guess and by golly leapfrog method via Kindle s location feature to get there Same is true if you want to access the current calendar day.From what I have read on the Saint of the Day website, I feel sure the information in the ebook is interesting and valuable, but what s the point if you can t get to it Rudimentary navigation is basic for an ebook, so such an oversight is frustrating especially at this price The publishers have done themselves and their potential customers a disservice by not taking into consideration the basic differences between a print book and a digital book.This ebook should be temporarily withdrawn and properly mapped Until then, I suggest a potential buyer use the Saint of the Day website for free, where, by the way, the saint names are alphabetized and sorted by date. Thank you Great book. Good resource for Devotion but misses some days. This book really gives you so much information on each Saint than any book I own So much insight, I can t stop reading without going ahead 2 or 3 days Saints have gone through so much and their faith has made them see past the moment into what God s plan is So much inspiration. I look forward to reading the day s saint each night Informative and interesting My only complaint is that too many days do not have a saint. This is the th anniversary edition of Saint of the Day, first compiled by Leonard Foley, OFM and published in two volumes Through the years, this popular book has been a go to source for information on key saints This seventh revised edition contains the following additions New saints and blesseds such as John of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, John Henry Newman, and John Paul IIAn expanded Introduction, with detail about the current process of canonization Also, background on the evolution of Saint of the Day since the first two volumes, including its recent formats as a daily online resource and as an appA suggested resources section of additional Franciscan Media products with information about saints and blesseds Saint of the Day has been a trusted guide for forty years, and this latest edition continues the tradition