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istening has become a lost art in our world, which has grown ever noisier,superficial and stressed We forget about listening not only to others but to God, to ourselves, to our communities and even to the needs of our planet If we do not listen, we cannot hope to grow in wisdom, to deepen relationships with others, or to share our faith in sensitive and appropriate ways This new edition of A Heart to Listen explores how, with God s help, we can relearn the essential art of listening Michael Mitton interweaves biblical reflection with insights from many years of listening ministry in the UK and abroad To speak to heart as well as head, he concludes each chapter with an episode from a creative story that tells of people listening and learning from one another in a challenging cross cultural setting. I read this book to review as part of a Pastoral Care course I started reading with a little skeptism as to the power of listening, but by the time I had finished the book my opinion of the value of listening had been totally transformed Michael Mitton writes in very easy to follow style and I enjoyed the book so much that I plan to read other books from the same author An intelligent, personal and inspiring read, recommended for personal spiritual reflection and growth. A clear and easy read with a wonderful story thread that illustrates the authors intent for learning in each chapter Would recommend and have already lent out to a friend It sounds like a simple thing to do Listen, but shows how we can so easily devalue our closest relationships if we don t heed the wisdom in this book. Whenever I read a Michael Mitton book positive things start happening in my life I like the way that it has a story running parrallel to the narrative I recommend this book to anyone who takes their Christian walk seriously and who has a heart to listen and who wants to make a difference to others around them and to their environment This book will prepare you for further study.