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Why is God love Because God is a Trinity Why can we be saved Because God is a Trinity How are we able to live the Christian life Through the Trinity In this lively and refreshing book, we find an accessible introduction to the profound beauty of the Trinity With wit and clarity, Reeves draws from notable teachers from church history to the present to reveal how the Christian life is rooted in the triune God Father, Son and Spirit Be encouraged to grow in enjoyment of God and see how God s triune being makes all his ways beautiful

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  1. Matthew Hosier Matthew Hosier says:

    Trinitarian theology has seen a huge surge in interest in academic circles in recent years, but sadly is often functionally absent from the life of local churches and individual Christians This is a disaster, not because every Christian should be able to complete a tick box survey demonstrating their theological competence, but because a lack of understanding of God as Trinity is to be fundamentally lacking in understanding about who God is Period.The trouble is, discussions of the Trinity can soon become massively complex, and deeply abstract, and very dry None of these things are failings of which The Good God could be accused Mike Reeves has written something which is, truly, delightful I would strongly recommend this book to be read as an aid to devotion and worship, for that is what it produces You could do a lot worse than to start each morning by reading a couple of pages of this and letting it direct your heart and soul in worship to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.One of the features of the book I most enjoyed are the panels which delve into historical examples that help illustrate the significance of the doctrine of the Trinity These range from a brief description of Yodo Shin Shu Buddhism to the joyful theology of St Hilarius to the lust for life of William Tyndale This is all very illuminating and enjoyable stuff.But the key thing about this book is the way it stirs worship Clearly and winsomely Reeves describes the nature of the God who lives in eternal, delightful, loving relationship a love that has overflowed into the creation of all things, and a love into which we are invited to join The God Reeves describes is very good, very delightful a God you want to be close to As Reeves expresses it in a description of the work of the Holy Spirit, How great and lovely, then, is the work of the Spirit He unites us to the Son so that the Father s love for the Son also encompasses us he draws us to share the Father s own enjoyment of the Son and he causes us to share the Son s delight in the Father What could be delicious than to keep in step with a Spirit whose purpose is that What indeed A delicious God that is what Trinitarian theology is meant to bring us to, and it is where this book will help draw you.Buy it Read it Enjoy it

  2. Alan S Alan S says:

    I purchased this as I was wavering in my faith in God s goodness What a brilliant book I have had my faith enhanced to a greater level and am enjoying a renewed relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit the Trinity which is what this book so clearly explains Highly recommended if you believe all gods are the same.

  3. Craig Cunningham Craig Cunningham says:

    Michael Reeves contention is that the contemporary church has, at best, a faltering understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity, and that our experience of the Christian faith is the worse for it It is tempting, when settling down to read The Good God , to suppose that the doctrine of the Trinity is simply the author s hobby horse of choice this would hardly be the first instance of a Christian writer zeroing in on a so called secondary issue and elevating it to primary importance But, with humour, lucidity, and no shortage of passion, Reeves successfully demonstrates that an understanding of the Trinity is no mere optional extra indeed, to fail to grasp its implications is to lose sight of what is utterly unique about our faith, what compels us to cry, Who among the Gods is like you, O LORD Having read the Bible for most of my life, I had not previously considered my doctrine of the Trinity lacking Say the words Father , Son and Spirit , and I could quickly list their respective roles But, like most who will pick up Reeves tremendous book, this knowledge did not exactly stir my affections Moreover, my grasp of their interactions within the Trinity was tenuous at best Reeves skilfully helps the reader to come to appreciate how truly great it is to have, in the Trinity, a Father whose love for the Son overflows into his creation, a Son whose enjoyment of the Father behoves him to reveal him to his creation, and a Holy Spirit who so unites us to the Son that we, his children, can cry Abba.In particular, I had hardly expected an improved understanding of the Trinity to enhance my faltering efforts in evangelism, but Reeves book again proved valuable in this regard Those engaged in reaching non Christian theists will be greatly helped by his searing exposure of the inherent difficulties at the heart of single entity gods like Allah And those confronting the present day anti theist contention of God as narcissistic tyrant will find in the doctrine of the Trinity a God who is fundamentally loving Probably, though, the greatest beneficiary of Reeves apologia will be the Christian himself, who will feel a renewed excitement at the thought of such a great God, and all the incentive to adjure his fellow men to ascribe greatness to our God.

  4. ipeaco ipeaco says:

    If the author hadn t tried so hard to make everything hang on the doctrine of the Trinity, this would be a decent book, full of reminders of God s fatherly love, Jesus revealing of that love and the Spirit s work in the midst of it all However, I felt that some of the arguments he was using to say if God wasn t a triune God he couldn t be were completely unsubstantiated and made little sense to me For that reason it really frustrated me.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Particularly helpful how Reeves establishes his argument using historical theology he is not isolated in his refreshing examination of who the Trinitarian God is Recommended as an introduction to both the trinity and the gospel.

  6. D. Matcham D. Matcham says:

    I am still reading this book, and have enjoyed every page Mike Reeves book is drawn from the many talks he has given over the last few years available on MP3 at theologynetwork.org on the Trinity My wife and I have listened and benefited from his talks, and so are very glad to be able to read him too His style ensures that listening or reading you feel like he is an amiable guide through the tangled garden of theology As with the best theology, this book encourages the reader to grow to love Jesus .

  7. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    Very inspiring, easy to read and helpful with Trinity doctrine