Victory Over the Darkness: With Study Guide books –

Recieved this pretty quickly and although its in a used condition, its fine Am looking forward to reading this as ive had a very useful identity listtaken from one of this author s books for a number of years and im finally getting around to exploring this important subject for all christians. This is a must have book on every Christian s shelf Neil shows diligence in his exegesis of scripture which is one trait that is unfortunately lacking in many Christian books nowadays.I have used the principles in this book in my ministry and the results speak for themselves. I already knew the book,I wanted a second copy.It came in good time,in good condition as described I bought it second hand , just a musty smell about it good A tremendous help in our Spiritual warfare,and a path to freedom from the bondage of depression,for those whose other resources have not proved efficacious Not so new Being in Christ, and all that it means to Christian identity and freedom, is the overwhelming theme of the New Testament If you see yourself as a child of God who is spiritually alive in Christ, you ll begin to live in victory and freedom Every day millions of Christians live below par emotionally, physically, spiritually Because they do not fully grasp the central fact of their identity in Christ, they miss the freedom and maturity they should enjoy This life transforming book is for everyone who longs for spiritual growth Wonderful book Arrived so quickly I m a mental health worker The ideas presented in this book remain some of the most important I ve ever come across I still use them to this day and it s been almost 20 years sense. Came in timely fashion Haven t read it as it was a gift It was recommended for a friend who is interested in deliverance ministry.