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Good book I truly recommend this book and also I say that FOR FATHERS WHO FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST,this is a must read book as it opens my eyes up to things I didn t know and I will open Fathers eyes up to things as well so fathers will know what to Pray for and against Mothers,I m not leaving you all out as it definately is a must read for mothers as well,and so those who read this and are interested in things to Pray against and for,then get this book and ALLOW AND PRAY FOR GOD TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AS YOU TAKE YOUR PRAYER LIFE TO ANOTHER LEVEL Very Good very interesting info This book hits the nail on the head when it comes to recognizing specific family curses It also teaches you that you have the authority over family curses An excellent book TitleSigns of a Family Curse Binding Paperback Author JonasAClark Publisher SpiritofLifeMinistries