{Best} Orthodoxy and the Religion of the FutureAuthor Seraphim Rose – Carcier.co

What is the ancient Christian understanding of today s UFO sightings What is behind the Charismatic Movement What phenomena are assaulting Christianity in our modern world How can Christians avoid being caught up in the Apostasy ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE examines in eight chapters these and similar questions facing Christians in the contemporary world The religious phenomena of today are symptoms of a new religious consciousness that is preparing the world religion of the future Phenomena such as Yoga, Zen, Tantra, Transcendental Meditation, Maharaj ji, Hare Krishna, UFOs, the Charismatic Movement and Jonestown are presented in contrast to the Orthodox Patristic standard of spiritual life, without the understanding of which, in the coming time of antichrist, it will scarcely be possible for Christians to be saved This work is a concise and unequivocal Orthodox statement on contemporary trends its urgent message rings loud and clear Viewed from a foundation based in Patristic teachings, the spiritual movements of the day are clearly various spiritual deceptions that have existed since the beginning of the Church, rather than the achievements of a new religious consciousness Addressing soberly and directly the trends of pseudo spirituality which loom enticingly today, ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE provides a beacon of discernment in these times of widespread spiritual deception The book examines a broad spectrum of issues facing modern Christians each from the perspective of the early Church Fathers As the New Age is becoming a household concept and is moving into wider acceptance by mainstream society, the new religious consciousness can be seen progressing precisely along the lines described by the late Fr Seraphim