read online Best Ascending the Heights: A Layman's Guide to The Ladder of Divine AscentAuthor Fr John Mack –

In the sixth century, a monk named John wrote a book outlining the stages of the spiritual life He based his entire work on the image of the ladder of thirty rungs, stretching from earth to heaven Each rung described a step in the pursuit of virtue and the spiritual life Since it was first written, The Ladder of Divine Ascent has been an essential formation of Orthodox monasticism, and a mainstay of Orthodox ascetic spirituality But it is not just for monks and nunsThis book is written to help those in a non monastic setting, with ordinary lives to understand how to apply the Ladder Each chapter contains many direct quotes from St John s writings, in addition to commentary on St John s words This book, therefore, should be used as a primer to the Ladder as a helpful tool for ascending the spiritual heights