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Written by experienced authors and examiners, this new Religious Studies textbook provides comprehensive coverage of all the skills and knowledge required for the Philosophy of Religion topic for WJEC Eduqas A Level Year 2 and A2 specifications A separate book is being published for the Religion and Ethics topic Endorsed by WJEC offering high quality support you can trust A clear skills based pathway of learning firmly bridges the gap between specification content and the final exam This comprehensive yet accessible book has been carefully created to ensure that students develop the confidence and skills required Developing Skills section provides help with applying knowledge of both specification content and the issues that are raised Questions and Answers section provides practice questions with student answers and examiner commentaries The book provides distinctive AO1 and AO2 materials and specific activities that target each assessment objective.

8 thoughts on “WJEC/Eduqas Religious Studies for A Level Year 2 & A2 - Philosophy of Religion

  1. fizzy5000 fizzy5000 says:

    does the job and tells you what you need to know Makes things clear so that you have a good understanding and can write good essays

  2. Jamie-le Nguyen Jamie-le Nguyen says:

    This book was helpful on some aspects with the specimen Came in good condition.

  3. Sylvieb Sylvieb says:

    There is nothing positive I can say about this I expected the textbook to be as convoluted and repetitive as in first year, yet what I did not think a government hired exam board would be legally allowed to do is only release a vital textbook two months before the exam If I were to apply Augustine s principle of predestination then I am predestinated to fail my religious studies exam on the grounds that I have no resources As my Catholic teacher would say, only God can help us now As much as Jesus would like me to forgive the exam board 7 x 77 times, I can in know way love thy Illuminate Publishing I would like to think the philosophical knowledge I am citing is accurate, yet as this review is emphasising I can in no way be sure my months of learning are correct since I do not possess said book Yours insincerely a raging a level victim.

  4. Sal Sal says:

    What are we as students supposed to do Surely course material should be written in advance of a change in course The fact is, we as students have only one practice paper and one AS specification book available to use to prepare for exams that are ONLY A FEW MONTHS AWAY It would be understandable if we had similar topics to the those that come up in other exam boards, but the specification is different to that of other boards.Honestly I have lost hope, how are we expected to get good grades when we have nothing to use as a guide on what we actually need to learn.Waiting for months and months just for this book and then the religion and ethics equivalen, and Buddhism equivelant to be published, yet the publishing date seems to continuously be pushed forward Absolutely disgraceful by the board This mistake will most definitely affect my chances of being accepted into a university of my choice.I think it s safe to say that using the principle of utilitarianism, you have produced the least happiness for the largest amount

  5. R W R W says:

    I m sorry but this is a joke You start a new A level, give us one paper to use and don t release the revision guide till now This could be looked past if it wasn t for the fact that the half stuff we actually need from unit 4 hasn t been covered by other exam boards and you just leave us to search for hour upon hours days in my case to find all the resources we need to actually learn the spec A spec which doesn t specify anything in any detail resulting in a bunch of students much like myself desperately trying to figure out how to sit their exams which are IN A FEW MONTHS I m not an expert or anything but you would think that if you re going to release a whole new spec you d at least have made the revision guide in advance It doesn t take a genius to know that there s something seriously wrong when it s the exam board and not the students cramming last minute to do the work In the words of my old RS teacher you ve let me down, you ve let the UK down, you ve let my coffee addicted peers down but you know what s most important You ve let yourself down In all seriousness you re adults, you re adults in one of the main exam boards and you cant do your homework in time for the deadline This right here is why our education system is failing jack

  6. Seren Taylor-Middleton Seren Taylor-Middleton says:

    Thoroughly disappointed by the publishers How can you expect A Level students to pass an exam without the fundamental textbook, especially since we are the first cohort to take this exam Never in a million years will I give in an buy this book Everyone should refrain from doing so, as to not give them the pleasure of a profit and to make a point Textbooks need to be printed long before the course starts, not a few weeks before the exam.

  7. cat cat says:


  8. Ruby Ruby says:

    It does make you wonder where the world has got to when a commercial publisher is made the scapegoat for students performance in their exams rather than their teachers.