download Audible The Courts of Heaven: Prayer JournalAuthor Rhema –

Thisxjournal was created specifically to record the prayers, petitions, proceedings, testimony and judgements in the courtrooms of Heaven With an index forpetitions and a fullpages for each, there is plenty of space to record all of the pertinent information and activities of the heavenly courts More people are learning every day that bringing our petitions before the Lord in a legal manner can cause us to see breakthroughs that may have eluded us in times past This is a time to learn about the Courts of Heaven and learn how to operate in them A journal is a powerful way to keep record of our journey and a learning tool as we come into greater understanding We need to know the legal processes and keeping a record helps us to learn Breakthrough can be found in the realm of the spirit and in the courtrooms of Heaven therefor we need to take hold of this opportunity as we come before the Lord This largexjournal is the perfect companion to anyone studying or learning about the courts of Heaven and anyone who is already engaging the courts