{Free} The God We Never Knew: Beyond Dogmatic Religion To A More Authenthic Contemporary FaithAuthor Marcus J Borg – Carcier.co

arrived prmptly.Marcus Borg should be required reading for anyone wrestling with Christianity. Marcus Borg s writing is a must for anyone interested in learning about Christianity Borg is a wonderful writer and shows that we can have a living and vibrant faith without dogmatism. I would recommend this book to anyone who has become disillusioned with organised religion It isn t critical of this but puts everything into perspective and is very intelligently and sensitively written a great boost to faith. God for the rational person Borg, by using his own experience shows how we might approach the concept of God in a sane and none dogmatic manner Should assist anyone wishing to gain understanding of God outside orthodox Christian paradigm. good and efficient Brilliant Excellent After spending most of my life pushing doubts about various aspects of my faith to one side I can now embrace a new understanding and rest in the love of the God I never knew. A very personal book by Marcus Borg about God and Jesus as the human face of God An excellent introduction to non fundamentalist Christianity For example in the section on Individual Practices in chapter 5 there are useful comments on prayer Prayer is attending to out relationship with Godit s central quality is that it is said to God as You, as the presence who is right here Thus it is conversational it is simply talking to God And notas one would talk to a king or authoritarian father but as one would talk to a lover, friend, spouse, intimate parent In such relationships, we simply talk about whatever is on our mind how we re feeling, what we re dealing with in our lives, what s happened in our day, and so on In such relationships, we also listen ideally, conversational prayer will include listening as well as talking.I ve read other books by Marcus Borg but this is my favourite. How to have faithor even think about Godwithout having to stifle modern rational thought is one of the most vital challenges facing many of us today Marcus J Borg, author of the bestselling Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, traces his personal spiritual journey to the discovery of an authentic yet fully contemporary understanding of God In a compelling, readable way, he leads us from the distant, authoritarian God of our childhood to an equally powerful, dynamic adult image of Godthe beyond in our midst, the life spirit that is within us and all around usthat reconciles faith with science, history, critical thinking, and religious pluralism