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It was helpful for me to gain an Asian perspective on Christian spirituality This book is comprehensive in scope since it gives a good summary of traditional Christian ascetical theology I will be using Chan s book in a study group focusing on Christian spirituality. AAcademy of Parish Clergy Top Ten BookTheology is the doctrine of living unto God, wrote the Puritan theologian William Ames Unfortunately, post Enlightenment theology has tended to divorce doctrine from living unto God And to the degree that this split has been deepened and perpetuated, both theology and spirituality have been impoverishedSpiritual Theology is a rare book In it, Simon Chan surveys the little explored landscape where systematic theology and godly praxis meet, highlighting the connections between Christian doctrine and Christian living and drawing out the spiritual implications of particular aspects of systematic theology Allowing rational formulations to drop into the background, he brings the mystery of the faith to the foreChan begins with the principal doctrines of God, sin, salvation and the church He then progresses to a reflective consideration of the practice of the spiritual life, from prayer to spiritual direction Unabashedly evangelical and truly ecumenical, Chan grounds his exploration in the sources of the Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox traditions His work is well abreast of contemporary theological currents and crossculturally conversant from an Asian perspectiveSpiritual Theology is a book for those who care deeply about theology and spirituality, and strive to integrate the two It is well worth careful reflection and prayerful reading Chan hits on essential issues within our current theology I HIGHLY recommend this read I like this book. Simon Chan is to be congratulated with a thoughtful, mature and balanced approach to this topic which is at once Scripturally faithful, respectful of the traditions and heritage of the Church as a whole, competent as scholarship and congruent the experience of many if not all who give themselves to the disciplines advocated in this excellent book. Deep and inspiring for a chilean pastor like me. The first half is a typical theological treatise The second half is about spiritual disciplines to put theology into practice The author pulls from all streams of Christianity not just one denomination Well written. Every serious committed Minister should have this book at hand and read it frequently It imparts a deep understanding of the several stages of spiritual growth. Satisfied with purchase This book is too advance for someone who is working on a Master Degree Program in Theology I think it should be used for the PHD program.