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For lovers of golf, this is a must Feinstein captures the drama and intensity of the game played by those at the top Inand , Feinstein traveled the PGA Tour with Greg Norman, Nick Price, Tom Watson, Tom Kite, and other giants of the game You ll relive Davis Love III s clutch performance to win the Ryder Cup, Nick Price sfoot putt on the th hole of the final round to win the British Open, and John Daly s upsetting allegations of drug use on the tour The unending drive of champions who work endlessly on every nuance of the game will amaze you and, perhaps, inspire you on your next good walk around the links

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  1. reference-collections.co Customer reference-collections.co Customer says:

    The product meets or exceeds the minimum requirement

  2. Edward D. Creighton Edward D. Creighton says:

    Brilliant, reread this after fifteen year interval Feinstein gets to golfers human heart, the silent terror they all face.If you only read one book about golf this is the one.

  3. Daniel O'Neill Daniel O'Neill says:

    Absolutely love John Feinstein s sports writing, especially around Golf.

  4. Dr G W Owens Dr G W Owens says:

    Very good and entertaining read.

  5. kevin renshaw kevin renshaw says:

    xmas gift

  6. KayDaysh1990 KayDaysh1990 says:

    Got it as a gift and I m very happy with the packaging it came in May purchase again in the future

  7. Campbell262 Campbell262 says:

    A tale of one year on the professional golf tour New, unblemished.

  8. Golfing mum Golfing mum says:

    A good book to read, some funny bits, obviously it s about the American golf tour, but he s a good writer and its still interesting

  9. supercat38 supercat38 says:

    Good stuff

  10. tareatingrat tareatingrat says:

    Great read A little dated now, but it was interesting to read this book, then watch the Champions Tour.

  11. Wendy Hobson Wendy Hobson says:

    Such a good book Excellent condition and excellent reading This book will stay in my book shelf for the next few generations to enjoy.

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    Good quality and I am very happy to receive it.Thank you.

  14. Timothy M. Hamilton Timothy M. Hamilton says:

    I love golf books This one is not my favorite A collection of stories regarding now dated pros It s ok I ll make it to the end of it It won t take a prime spot on the shelf, though it will add to my overall perspective of the game It won t do much of anything to improve my game It s not the point of the book I will probably never look at it again, once I get through it.

  15. Britman Britman says:

    Another golf book, and I thought it would be of the same old same oldman was I ever wrong Feinsteins A Good Walk Spoiled must have Super Glue spread all over the cover I simply could not put it down From page one to the end Feinstein has you in his grasp, or grip because we re talking about a golf book This is the best writing on golf that I have ever read The inside dope on the players et al is eye opening You thought you knew these players from seeing them on TV, think again Buy the book and read and read and read You will have no regretsthat s a promise and I don t make promises lightly The last promise I made were my marriage vows.