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Release them, and you will be set free These were not exactly the words RT Kendall had hoped to hear during a painful situation when he had been terribly wronged However, these word cut into his heart He knew he couldn t ignore them and also be healed True inner peace awaits you You can avoid spiritual quicksand and experience the incredible freedom found in total forgiveness Is total forgiveness easy Of course notbut this book will give you a game planand the encouragement to cast out areas of unforgiveness that have kept you from enjoying the best God has to offer you Learn what forgiveness is and what it is not Uncover the physical, emotion, and spiritual consequences of unforgiveness, and see why God adamantly encourages you to forgive others I got the kindle version Wow The author writes in a clear and understandable way I was able to understand what the bible says about forgiveness fully, and apply the principles with pray to forgive all who have hurt me Powerful book I highly recommend to anyone who struggles with un forgiveness. There is no doubt the author writes from personal experience, which is essential for such a topic.Total forgiveness is painful It hurts when we kiss revenge goodbye It hurts to think of that person getting away with what they did and nobody knowing.How do I know if I ve forgiven totally When there is no desire to get even or punish, when I do or say nothing that would hurt their reputation or future, and when I truly wish them well And I must keep this up for as long as I live.The Bible urges reconciliation, but sometimes it s just not possible.The author adds a realistic and helpful comment, Reconciliation is not always essential to total forgiveness.There s a lot of truth in these pages and it helps that it s written with compassion by a fellow sufferer It s not difficult to recommend this work so why only 3 stars Unfortunately, there is a bit of repetition and I ve found the same thoughts and insights in another of the author s books, God meant it for good, is an outstanding study by Kendall on the life of Joseph, but some of those same themes transfer to Total Forgiveness. This book has been a valuable find.One of the lessons I have learnt is that forgiveness isn t always something you just do once, and that s it As the tiresome old thoughts and arguments come back into the mind, one has to remind oneself and let it go all over again The author describes it as a life long commitment, although I hope it won t be that in my case In the Bible it says Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord The trouble is that we don t trust God to deal with the other party as we would like, and feel we need to do the job ourselves The author argues strongly that we need to forgive totally, otherwise we risk losing the blessings and sense of peace that God wants for us.I would warmly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to forgive and let go. Not a particularly stimulating book, but it does highlight how people have the opposite effect when they try to straighten you out through criticisms It does to offend you than help you But you have to choose to forgive them whether or not you feel like it because it is right.It also teaches you to pray that God will bless your enemies. A good message but far too repetitive It is written by someone who has clearly suffered at the hands of others in some way or other but I wonder if they would have been so forgiving and passionate if things hadn t worked out so well for them and they hadn t gone on to make millions. A truly wonderful but challenging book for those finding it difficult to forgive I have just finished the sexual by R T K forgiving ourselves and I have no hesitation in recommending both Great book R.T.Kendall goes through the process of total forgiveness extremely well and explains each step in detail with many references to the Bible which confirm and strengthen the argument R.T.Kendall makes for total forgiveness Many times the author might sound like he is repeating himself but this is necessary as he leads you through yet another aspect of forgiveness.Reading this book will lead to greater peace within yourself and a greater connection with the Holy Spirit within us It is all here explained relatively easily although some parts might be difficult and uncomfortable for some to achieve but in the end total forgiveness is well worth it. Not quite finished this bookyet, but there are challenges to what I have grown to understand the meaning of love and how God sees the meaning of love.