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In the summer of , a band of citizen soldiers were brought together by the desire to be better than the other guy At its peak, Easy Company, th Parachute Infantry Regiment, st Airborne Division, US Army, was as good a rifle company as any in the world From their rigorous training in Georgia inthrough Utah Beach, Market Garden, the Bulge, and Hitler s Eagle s Nest, WWII historian Stephen Ambrose tells the story of this remarkable company In combat, the reward for a job well done is the next tough assignment, and the men of Easy Company kept getting the tough assignments, from parachuting into France early D Day morning to capturing Hitler s Bavarian outpost

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  1. Lesley Lesley says:

    This is a great book about Easy company from the 101st Airborne, from training right thro to the end of the war, including the horrors of The Battle of the Bulge Ambrose writes in an enjoyable style, not a dry, just factual way so makes it easy to read this type of book I have the HBO s DVD box set so knew the story but as always so much in a book I really recommend this book for anybody that has an interest in World War 2 or just in human courage Update After reading some of the negative reviews on here I felt I had to comment Yes its written by an American, so yes it very much has an American slant on both what Easy company did and about the whole war To be honest as he was probably initially writing for American readers that is to be expected I am sure the are inaccuracies in it as well, but then most history books the are, they are always a personal interpretation of the facts If you truly want an accurate account of any historical time you need to read several books about the same subject and then can take an informed view about whats been written Yes of course during the war thousands of men exhibited the same courage and determination, from the USA, UK, France and the Germans and other nations, but this book was just about one set of men Easy company from the USA.

  2. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I feel a great deal of sadness when reading about Easy Company, as the last of the Band of Brothers reach the end of their lives it cannot be helped to feel an extreme amount of respect towards them, and a longing to personally thank them for their sacrifice They represent the best of the best Their story resonates perfectly with my feelings towards the Allied response to Nazi Germany Yet this book is the closest we will ever get to knowing what these guys went through.Part of me wishes that this book was longer, that each of the Chapters contained multiple view points so that we might have gained insight into what exactly happened But realistically the approach used in this book is than enough when combined with the Miniseries.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    I m finding this fascinating reading, despite the fact that I have seen the TV series which, incidentally, is faithful to and brings out the spirit of the book The book adds detail and commentary on the exploits of one US platoon in the fight to recapture the European mainland after the D Day landing, including the intense training of the members of the platoon under an Officer in US who came to be hated by them because of his rigour, but whose determination to turn raw recruits into a fighting machine was significantly responsible for their ability to fight the war in overwhelmingly difficult circumstances because of their felt brotherhood Thoroughly recommended It will be helpful to read another book which gives a wider account of the campaign before reading this closely focused and personally based book.

  4. Denno Denno says:

    Like, I daresay, many others, I come too this book as a massive fan of the tv series Ambrose has his critics but I generally like his relaxed, conversationalist style of writing and it s no different in this book However, although Ambrose explains his research methods, including apparently, extensive interviews with the band off brothers , for me this book doesn t have as much off as a personal touch as the tv series and it is certainly not as extensive in covering the soldiers stories, indeed he seems to focus on the writings of Webster for a lot of the narrative He does however explain the wider context of the war and the significance of what easy company achieved, which the tv series was not necessarily in a position to do so If you haven t seen the tv series do so first, if you have then this book deserves a read as it remains a fascinating story.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    This is the book that inspired the greatest mini series of all time in my opinion I gave it 5 stars because as Ambrose says himself, it s not 100% accurate, but from the effort and time taken to put it together, it s the closest it is possible to be.I have watched the series in excess of 15 times, met the actors at a reunion in Normandy, and followed some of their careers since BoB helped kick if off I know chunks of the script by heart, but still found this book incredible as it goes into detail and gives facts than any tv series ever could.Easy are among the heroes of WW2 from an incredible generation that will never have any come close in the future with the type of melts society produces now.I thoroughly recommend this and the series to match

  6. KlaatuWithGort KlaatuWithGort says:

    Maybe it s a generation thing I was born in 1947 , but this is a series I can watch again and again with gaps of a couple of years in between It is incredibly complete, brilliantly acted and directed and very moving Filmed from the personal view of the individual soldier than from a General s strategic viewpoint, it gives a full and convincing account of what it must have been like for our parents and grandparents to liberate Europe as they moved from Normandy to Austria And I can hardly listen to Michael Kamen s musical introduction without a tear coming to the eyes For me it is a masterpiece of television.

  7. samellis samellis says:

    A really well written and captivating account of the 101st airborne missions in Framce, Holland, Belgium and Germany The quotes from the soldiers diaries are telling of the bravery they showed in entering battle and also the insane situation they were faced with The book puts you in the shoes of the men in the platoon and you really appreciate the tough mental and physical battles they endured.

  8. Chris Rayner Chris Rayner says:

    This is the work which inspired the television series Good though that was, this is better It sets the story in its wider historic military context It goes into detail yet remains an inspiring engaging account of an outstandingly brave and dedicated group of young men who answered the call to liberate Europe from foul tyranny without care for their own interests.

  9. David David says:

    Muy buen documentado, muy bien contado y con m ltiples an cdotas, historias e incisos de los protagonistas Tras haber visto la serie hom nima basada en el libro y consultado muchas webs con m s informaci n, este libro ya es el summum Te absorbe y las descripciones te hacen estar all y sufrir con los protagonistas.Tiene un lenguaje a veces complicado en cuanto a expresiones americanas pero nada que un traductor web no pueda solucionarte.Recomendad simo

  10. Drgraham Drgraham says:

    Having seen the series this was most interesting for a granular remarkable story Not often does the written complement the visual Highly recomended book that creates understanding of what was the founding event of the twenty first century.

  11. Dr. S Dr. S says:

    The story and narration is intense Watching the series prior to reading this will help to relate to the characters.However the cover was creased and worn at some places Also a few pages had small tears Looks second hand, but no complaints as I got it at Rs 70.

  12. Hecman Hecman says:

    Dieses Buch ist die Vorlage zur gleichnamigen HBO Miniserie von T Hanks und S Spielberg Nat rlich habe ich erst die Miniserie gesehen und bin dann auf das Buch gestossen Obwohl der Film grossartig ist, vermittelt das Buch tiefere Infos und Eindr cke zu den 3 Jahren der Easy in Europa Grandios recherchiert, super geschrieben und ist interessant Verglichen mit dem Buch von Dick Winters liest sich dieses Buch super und mehr Infos zur Easy und dem Geschehen habe ich nicht finden k nnen.Stephen Ambrose glorifiziert die Taten der Easy nicht, er bringt die Fakten und jeder Leser kann sich selber ein Bild machen Gelungen sind auch die historischen Vergleiche und die Frage, warum wir Kriege f hren.Dieses Buch ist zu sehr zu empfehlen, auch wenn man den Film gesehen hat.

  13. Bruno Varela Bruno Varela says:

    El libro detalla aspectos muy relevantes sobre los hechos vividos por los integrantes de la Compa a E de la 101a Divisi n Aerotransportada de los Estados Unidos, aspectos que se omiten en la serie dirigida por Tom Hanks y Steven Spielberg y que valen mucho la pena para conocer a fondo las historias detr s de cada uno de los integrantes Excelente libro para complementar la miniserie o viceversa.

  14. Roger Franks Roger Franks says:

    Having watched Reg mini series I decided to read the original book I found it well written and an easy read ,with the feeling of being a part of Easy company and the actions and experience they had