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In the Fall of , Dean Karnazes, known as the Lance Armstrong of the running world , took on the ultimate challenge runningmarathons instates inconsecutive days Dean set off in a caravan packed with fellow runners, with nothing than a roadmap and a determination that defied all physical limitations But goes beyond the incredible story of thosemarathons It is a firsthand, fascinating story of what it s like to push the limits of strength under grueling conditions and how Dean Karnazes pulled off the extraordinary This audiobook is also packed with Dean s secrets, which runners everywhere will want to know These include what to do when you hit a wall, how to adapt quickly to drastic terrain, how to get motivated after a really tough day, and the best diet and exercise tips to improve your own best time Complete with Dean s practical tips on building endurance, this audiobook will appeal to marathon runners and athletes everywhere, as well as to listeners who crave an inspiring story of incredible accomplishment Pretty good, his love for running and people are inspirational Fifty marathons on fifty days in all fifty states The Karnazes bandwagon trundles on The book is pure Dean and, for a British reader, can be a little exuberant over small and large triumphs everyone is humbling, amazing, admirable and wrapped in glitz but, if that is accepted, the book is well worth reading Each chapter has invaluable training and diet tips for novice and veteran alike, with enough going on to keep the reader interested Dean Karnazes is an unusual human being, is a genuinely nice chap, and wears his heart on his sleeve He has his critics amongst the gnarled and hardened ultra elite, but he shrugs this off and earns his crust, spreads his boyish enthusiasm around, then really does encourage thousands to get off their behinds and run I like him, on balance and, though his books are never literary masterpieces, hold encouragement in their pages, never mystery Worth a read. Another truly fantastic easy to read book from this running legend, I love the way it is broken down into small sections per race and thoroughly enjoy reliving his experiences through the book This guy is very motivating and it makes me push harder and longer Plus the work for charities is fantastic, keep it up Dean If you like running or reading about insane feats that just should be impossible, then any book by Dean karnazes ticks that box If you have read other books by him you will pick this up straight away regarding his family, his obsession with running and his extremely modest view of himself When you would forgive him for having a rather large ego for running 50 marathons is 50 days in each state.This is a great insight into the logistics and the pain that he endured for the 50 days Easily a 5 book