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My only criticism of this book is it is a bit short and feels like an extract from a longer book yet to be written But if you know Enfield Major s other writings you will wrap this slender volume around you like an old coat A very enjoyable read even if the river is a tad longer than the bike ride. Ave cycled along the Eurovelo 6 cycle route along the Danube and used this for teferenve Marvellous book has enthused us in mid and late sixties to ride the Romantic Road next, and then the Danube I salute you first read Downhill all the Way some years ago which helped to stimulate us to cycle across South Africa Now that we live in the UK we are thrilled to ride in Europe which is so much better Excellent service and a good read although not as fascinating as his other books As he actually states in the text, one romantic, old small German town is much like another I had just read Greece on my Wheels and the book about his trips down through france so parhaps I should have had a break before going on to read this. Having read the other two books about Edward Enfield sexploits around Ireland and France i was looking forward to this one Although it is not a bad book I did not find it as entertaining as the previous two. A lovely wee book If you know Edward Enfield you will know what to expect, a lovely warm, dry sense of humour Be aware it is not a travel guide, but it has given me some useful pointers for my cycle tour in Bavaria next summer A very enjoyable read. Most enjoyable and entertaining read. Having only been to Germany once before to do National Service, Edward Enfield sets off on his latest cycling trip, carrying few preconceptions but plenty of wit Determining the route he should take from recommendations scrawled on a napkin, he starts by following the Romantic Street along the banks of the Danube from Passau to Vienna, taking in castles, churches and good food along the way And, as Edward amply reveals in this charming book, there is no place from which to see a country that is nearly as good as the saddle of a bicycle not a guide book