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No driver has ever made such an instant impact on the sport of Formularacing as Lewis Hamilton The first black grand prix driver, his astonishing level of success in his rookie season together with his swash buckling, attacking style has created a sensation It has also been a central factor in the most exciting and controversial season of F in living memory as Hamilton was involved in a three way fight for the world crown Industrial espionage, claims of team favouritism and some stunning on track action have peppered Hamilton s first season in the sport s top category Here is the in depth story of this phenomenon from his upbringing on a Stevenage council estate to the day he first sat in a kart as a seven year old, to his sensational challenge on the world title Friends, colleagues, team mates, rivals, chaperones, and engineers who have worked with him here give some remarkable insights into Lewis the man and the driver, as well as into the close but complex relationship with father Anthony, the man who has largely steered his career In the process, we see how F success has changed this young man s life in a very short space of time Includes an exclusive updated chapter covering theWorld Championships up to the end of the season

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  1. Natty Natty says:

    Great book, well worth the buy.

  2. Eileen Skeels Eileen Skeels says:

    Good condition As described.

  3. S Williams S Williams says:

    I was reading the F1 Fanatic website the other day and came across a cracking review of this book that signed off with this If you are thinking of getting a Hamilton book, please don t be duped into thinking the official book will automatically be the best option The Full Story is a far better choice Having now read both of them, I can categorically say that F1 Fanatic and The Telegraph from the review I can see above are unquestionably correct Mark Hughes book is excellent and blows Hamilton s ghostwritten offering out of the water.

  4. TONY TONY says:

    This was part of a Christmas present Arrived on time, well packaged and as described Will use this service again

  5. Troy Davis Troy Davis says:

    I ask you how this can possibly be the full story when Hamilton has only started what promises to be a long and successful Formula 1 career As well written and informative as this book may be, the title is absurd and amounts to an insult to sound thinking.