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The voice of motor racing and the man responsible for introducing millions of viewers to the previously inaccessible world of Formulatells the story of his incident packed life Murray Walker is an institution When the man who made famous the catchphrase Unless I m very much mistaken I AM very much mistaken announced that he was retiring as ITV s Grand Prix commentator at the end of theseason, the media reacted as if the sport itself was losing one of its biggest stars His reputation for mistakes was the making of Walker He was the fan who happened to be given the keys to the commentary box and never wanted to give them back His high octane delivery kept viewers on the edge of their seats, while his passion for talking about the sport he loved was matched by an all encompassing knowledge gained through hours of painstaking research before every race In fact he s a throwback to another age who managed to survive and indeed prosper from the revolutions in motor racing Murray writes about his childhood and the influence that his father, British motorcycle champion Graham Walker, had on his career Failing to match his father s achievements on the track, he made a successful career for himself in advertising which catapulted him to the top of his profession An offer from the BBC to take over the commentary seat for their F broadcasts was manna from heaven for Walker, and it wasn t long before the infamous Murrayisms enlivened a sport which until then had been shrouded in a cloak of unfathomable technical jargon and mind numbing statistics He also talks about the biggest changes in the sport over the lastyears, in particular the safety issues which came to the fore after the tragic death of Ayrton Senna His partnership with James Hunt behind the microphone is the subject of some hilarious anecdotes, while his views on drivers make for fascinating listening